I’m married!

I’m officially a wife! There is so much more to post, but for now I will leave you with this :)

Blogging update & summertime wedding planning

Happy summertime! The weather here in sunny Florida is hot and humid, so I’ve been noshing on sweet fresh watermelon, sugar kiss melon and fresh Georgia peaches pretty much every day. Fruit, glorious fruit! Oh how I love thee! For some reason fruit is so much better during the summer, don’t you think?

You’re probably wondering why I chose the day after my engagement to take a hiatus from blogging. Truth be told, there are so many reasons it could fill a book, but I’ll tell you a few…

Getting engaged was the absolute best feeling in the world. I wanted to experience that joy on a deep and personal level, and just enjoy the moments with my fiancé and my family. Sharing recipes and stories online somehow became less important and less of a priority for awhile. Don’t get me wrong, I still checked in on my favorite bloggers and instagrammed my face off, but for a time I needed the details of my life and thoughts to be private.

Moving forward… right after my engagement so many things in my life started to change! I had landed a new full-time accounting job at a big CPA firm in South Tampa, my fiancé asked me to move in with him, and I still had three accounting courses lined up for the spring before I graduated. Oh, and I suddenly became consumed with the fact that we had to pick a date and plan a wedding. Oyyyyy what had I gotten myself into!?

Although the spring was a crazy and hectic time of my life, it was also completely marvelous in so many ways. I love my new job. It challenges me, pushes me, surprises me, and the people I work with blow me away each and every day with their wealth of knowledge. I settled on a large local accounting firm (not to be confused with the large regional and national firms, such as Big 4 or Big 10), and I’m so happy that I did! Don’t get me wrong, the long hours of overtime during tax season were quite intense this past spring–in fact, I feel I should have bought myself a t-shirt or a coffee mug that said “I survived”  ;) But overall, I’m very happy with my career change and my firm choice.

I finished up my degree, received my diploma, and got approved to sit for the CPA exam (just this week actually!) ;) So I’m a happy girl! I’m still neck-deep in finishing my Accounting Masters, but the graduate classes are not too difficult, and now that I live in Tampa the campus is only minutes away, which comes in very handy. Sometimes balancing work with night classes can be a challenge, but I manage!

All that work info aside, the much more exciting thing that happened to me this year was getting to plan a wedding! (which I’m also still neck-deep in, ha!) But we set a date–Novemeber 23, we picked a venue–a lovely golf and country club in Tampa, and I even got our Save-the-Dates out the door 5 months shy of the big day. Trust me, those are all huge accomplishments considering the craziness of my life these days!

I still have plenty of additional wedding planning to undertake, i.e. picking out a dress, a DJ, flowers, invitations and decor (just to name a few, yikes!) But I’m pretty confident that things will fall into place. Usually I’m a huge planner. If you would have told me when I got engaged that 4 months before my wedding I still wouldn’t have a dress, I would have laughed in your face and rolled my eyes! But my amazing fiancé balances me out more than words can describe, and I’m so grateful to have him. In fact, I enjoy his spontaneity more than I’d ever imagined. I’ll probably tackle dress shopping as soon as my summer term finals are over, and I know I’ll enjoy every single minute of it.

So now that I’ve summed up all the crazy reasons I took a blogging hiatus, I’ll also add that my biggest reason was the simple need for a break from the internet. Sometimes it consumes me. Also, I read this post by one of my favorite bloggers Sayward, who opens up about some of the unrealistic aspects of the blog world. She made me realize that my blog was only representing the awesome and positive things in my life, but I wasn’t being honest enough about the crappy times. And to be fair, crappy times exist, period. I don’t blog about the crappy times because I figure nobody wants to read about crappy times, but truth be told this can leave readers with a feeling that some bloggers have this “perfect and utterly charming life.” And this covers so many areas as a healthy living blogger–including diet, exercise and fitness, home life, work life and much more. Reading her post made me realize that maybe there’s a benefit to opening up about struggles, instead of painting a picture perfect rainbow non-stop. One of my all-time favorite bloggers is Cassie from Back to Her Roots. And when I stopped to think about what I love so much about her and her little corner of the internet, I realized it’s because she is so real. So genuine. In fact, I want to meet her in person more than any celebrity you could ever name. She’s just utterly and completely awesome, and I love her and her blog for that reason. So maybe I could stand to be a little more laid-back and real on my own blog… just a thought.

I also realized I didn’t have the time to include blogging into my schedule. The idea of creating recipes and photographing them and updating my blog became overwhelming. But I think there’s a point where you can have a good work-life-blog balance, and I’m sure I’ll find that eventually. For now, my plan is to start updating with my crazy wedding planning shenanigans, some updates on my diet and health, and of course a few more recipes. Thanks for listening. Lots of love!

~ Peace, Love & Veggies xo

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