Weekend Recap. New week , fresh start.

Soooo I’m super excited about something… I get to give a speech on the health benefits of a plant-based diet to a room full of people! Ha! Now how did this come about? I’m not famous, I’m not published…yet ;) … and I’m not going to a Vegan conference. lol. In one of my business classes I have to give an informative speech… on whatever I want! I have 7 precious minutes allotted to me, and actually required by me, to fill with whatever topic I so choose. So of course I chose something health related, something food related, and specifically something me-related :) The tricky part is going to be making the speech spicy with pizazz and not bore my omnivore audience. The words Vegetarian and Vegan are usually judged pretty harshly so I think I will shy away from using those words in my introduction. I am calling my speech The Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet. I have to use outside sources of course so I think I will start with The China Study and go from there. Super excited about this and actually looking forward to the hours I will probably spend outlining, drafting, re-drafting, researching, practicing, re-drafting and practicing again…something I will only spend 7 actual minutes discussing. HA.

I had a wonderful Valentine’s weekend. I ate lots of yummy foods and although I spent a majority of the weekend finishing up moving I also had some quality time with loved ones. My 2 favorite men came into town to help me with moving weekend–my sweetheart boyfriend and my absolutely wonderful father :) After packing and hauling furniture all afternoon I introduced Dad to a green smoothie! He is a bit of a health nut himself so dare I say he was more than impressed with the idea of putting greens into smoothies and swears he’s going to start doing it. I talked to him a bit about Raw Eating and juicing and he seemed pretty interested. I hope he goes home with enough curiosity to delve further into the subjects. Dad even made a delicious veggie dinner for me this weekend: grilled asparagus with lemon, roasted sweet potatoes, squash and beets, baby field greens with raw veggies and yummy garlic bread–I was impressed!

Unfortunately I did not have a true vegan weekend :( I have been so good (vegan, organic and lots of raw) to my body for the past 2 months. I have been slowly adapting to a vegan diet and it works wonderfully for me when I cook for myself and have a normal controlled schedule. Unfortunately, life is not always normal nor controlled, ha! A’int that the truth. I hate the fact that I gave in. Grrr… feeling annoyed with myself but I was in such a time crunch with things that some processed foods and a bit of dairy snuck in. Oh yeah, I also had a slice of non-vegan key lime pie. yummmm was it good. Was it worth it? Eh, not really. However, I did notice I got a bit of a sugar high from it and then had a mild crash later on. I really believe that sugar does weird things to our bodies. Am I agonizing over it? No, because for me that is just silly and puts me in mental stress-mode. Instead I’m picking myself up, brushing myself off and starting tomorrow fresh and clean. :)

Oh yeah, I also passed aced my first accounting exam–score! That was a big stress relief let me tell you!

Smile Daddy, say… Faux Fur! ;) 
Why I love my father:  He listens to my stories. He gives pretty darn good fatherly advice. He supports my healthy veggie lifestyle. He loves animals. He still buys me Valentine flowers. He has an addicting laugh that I love. He knows when to talk but more importantly when to listen. He helps me out when I need him the most, and sometimes I don’t even have to ask. He’s the only dad I’ve got and I’d never trade him for another.  Oh yeah and he still buys me Valentine flowers. I know I said that already but I thought it was worth repeating. ~*~

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