Wedding highlights

 I had a fabulous time last weekend celebrating my long time best friend’s wedding in Wilmington, NC. Wilmington is a beautiful and quaint little town located close to the North Carolina shoreline. The weather was perfect and let’s just say our group was only one of many that had gathered to celebrate a wedding that weekend. Here are some pictures and highlights of my trip.

Our cute hotel in downtown Wilmington. I roomed with my other girlfriend from high school who flew in from San Francisco to celebrate the wedding weekend :)
Back of the hotel, our room was right on the corner overlooking a butterfly garden. 
The pier in downtown Wilmington. 
The North Carolina beaches. Absolutely beautiful and full of people enjoying the sunny weather. Not much different from the area I call home, but the ocean temp was definitely a bit chillier.
Houses along the beach. Simply gorgeous, and I can totally picture myself living here! ha!
My girl Lindsey and I stayed out in the intense North Carolina sun a little bit longer than we should have. I had to mask my raccoon eyes with some serious concealer for the wedding that night. You would think I’d know better. :::::Sigh::::::
 Night before the wedding, enjoying cocktails on the pier. 
It was an emotional moment for me, watching my closest friend walk down the aisle. I remember our girlie sleep overs and talking about what our wedding would be like some day, when we were just 12-years-old! She looked absolutely stunning and her bridal ensemble was very much her style. I loved the feather hat!
The bride and groom pulling up to their reception. 
Everything at this wedding was simple, elegant and classy. The guest list numbered around 60, which made the entire weekend very relaxed and easy going. It also made it a lot easier to get to know some of the guests and keep things informal and fun. :)
Her colors were orange, yellow and red with orange being the highlight. The table clothes were a shimmery orange fabric and the cake was breathtaking. 
The beautiful bride and her maid of honor. She kept things simple and had one maid of honor, forgoing the multiple bridesmaids. I really liked the simplicity of it though and it made for a very special and intimate wedding party. 
We had a fabulous weekend and I am so proud of my girl for following her heart and marrying the man she loves. After dating for eight years, they finally tied the knot! My favorite line of the night was something the maid of honor whispered to me over cocktails… “he would have married her 7 1/2 years ago, but she held out to make sure everything was perfect. And they both agree it was worth the wait.” Talk about romance! 

Thank you for a wonderful wedding weekend Morgan & Basil and I hope you are having a fabulous and romantic honeymoon in Costa Rica! 
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~Peace, Love & Veggies xo


  1. YAYYYYYYYYYY! I'm super excited that I won! I love Kale and this tshirt will be a reminder to eat more of it! hehe Thanks for this sweet giveaway!

    This wedding was beautiful and the bride's dress and hat were amazing. What a great weekend! I love how intimate this wedding was…60 people is a great number, giving you time to truly enjoy the night. Awesome!

  2. omg I used to live in Wilmington, actually Wrightsville Beach! I lived ON THE BEACH for 2 yrs in one of those types of houses you are showing….the memories. It was amazing.

    Wilm is a GREAT little town. Beaches are totally underrated and beautiful. Best kept secrets!

  3. Oh, what a lovely wedding dress!

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