A lil’ VLOG

Home sweet home. I’m back in Florida and reminiscing about my wonderful Colorado vacation. I put together a cute lil video of me with the horses to send my man-hunk (to make him miss me more, duh) and I thought I’d share. ;) Hope you  all have a wonderful week! Lots of yummy recipes to post this week and I’ll be doing a couple of guest posts too. Fun stuff! :)  ~Peace, Love & Veggies xo

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYzDi-hfCWs]

Oh yeah, and you’ll have to excuse my I like to talk to animals in a high squeaky cutsie voice because i think they will bond with me more tendencies. What the heck was I thinking? hehehe okay so I was havin’ fun with it!


  1. Oh, wow! Colorado looks like it was beautiful! You were totally like the horse whisperer. Glad you're home safe!


  2. oh my goodness. i love horses!!! such a cute video!!! :)

  3. Lindsay this is adorable! He will love it! Gosh Colorado looks amazing and those horses are adorable…and hungry! hehe

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