Veggie pasta & homemade pesto


Thank you all for your sweet comments on my last post! Getting grandma into gear with healthier eating habits has been quite a rewarding experience (in just a week!). So far she is really sticking to the meal plans and snacks I've suggested (although I've still given her a lot of freedom to make her own choices). She's also doing a great job with her food journals! We sit down every few days and go over her food groups. She has increased her veggies and whole grains by several servings each day, … [Read more...]

Developing healthier eating habits


So I have a new project under my belt. My grandparents are back in town for the winter and I am working with my grandmother on developing healthier eating habits. Easier said than done. Changing over from a diet rich in heavily processed foods to a whole foods plant-rich diet takes a lot of work, dedication and drive. It also takes some pretty strong willpower. It's so easy for some of us healthy living bloggers to say "put down the cookie and pick up an apple, duh!" But when a person … [Read more...]

This is what happens…


This is what happens when a greens-lover discovers a local hydroponic picking farm with all-you-can-pick greens. She goes buck-wild. And the last time I did anything buck wild was probably college, so that's saying a lot. ;) I used to buy greens by the bunch. Now I hoard buy them by the pound. At around $1.50 a pound, I stock up until my little heart is content. Since the farm is about an hour drive for me, I'm sticking to bi-weekly trips. And this time around guess what was finally … [Read more...]

pumpkin festival


Today I spent the afternoon at the annual Pumpkin Festival here in town at Hunsader Farms, the fabulous picking farm I visit for produce. The festival draws a huge crowd, estimated at around 60,000 each weekend, and takes place for the last three weekends in October. Complete with hay rides, pumpkin launching, pony rides, a petting zoo, pumpkin patch, tons of games, food and a plethora of local and traveling vendors featuring items like wood carvings, homemade candles and soaps, canned goods, … [Read more...]

My new Omega Vert Juicer!


Hey guys! So last weekend I tweeted about getting a new juicer, but I've been a little hush hush about it since. Ha! I'm such a tease. Why the suspense? Well, I wanted to really get a feel for the juicer before I gave it a review here on the blog. Using a juicer once or twice is hardly enough time for a fair and accurate review. In all honesty, I should have waited about a month but I don't have near that amount of patience ;) Introducing the latest addition to my kitchen family... the Omega … [Read more...]

Chocolate green monster smoothie


Do you ever wake up with a sweet tooth? Sometimes I wake up and crave something sweet and even chocolatey... so what's a girl to do? Reach for a sugary processed chocolate-flavored cereal? I don't think so! That's where a chocolatey smoothie comes into play. And believe it or not this baby is still packed full of protein, fiber, nutrients and... pssst... spinach! Chocolate Green Monster 3 c. fresh spinach 1 c. nondairy milk 1/2 c. soy vanilla yogurt 1 tbs. flax seed oil 2 … [Read more...]

Guest Posting on Frosting for the Cause


Hey guys! Come check out my guest post on Frosting for the Cause, along with a yummy recipe for vegan cherry and maple cookies! October is breast cancer awareness month and there isn't a more perfect time to acknowledge the hundreds of thousands of people around the world suffering from this terrible disease. Part of my agreement with Frosting for the Cause is that I'll be donating these cookies to a local cancer hospice. This first batch disappeared quickly in my house so I'll be making 4 … [Read more...]

Homemade Veggie Stock


Since fall is in full swing now, it's officially hot soup season! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy soup all year round, but there is something about cooler weather that makes a warm bowl of soup that much more enjoyable. And believe it or not since my last post the weather has finally started to cool down a bit here in Florida. Thank goodness! The day I can wear boots and a sweater I'll be happy. But for now, I've started exploring some soup recipes to get me in the autumn spirit. The first step … [Read more...]

Hydroponic farm visit


A few weeks ago my mother discovered a couple of fabulous picking farms located near her house. She called me immediately and said that I absolutely had to drive out to see her this weekend so we could take a trip to the picking farm. Of course I eagerly agreed! We spent all day picking our own produce and taking a guided tour around a local hydroponic farm. It was an amazing afternoon so I thought I'd share a few pictures. First stop was a local picking farm called Hunsader Farm in … [Read more...]