Thanksgiving wrap-up


I hope you all had a fabulous holiday like I did! Lots of food, family and laughs... followed by some great black Friday bargains! My family came into town from all over the state, and some even flew in from Minnesota. We celebrated beach-side with some gorgeous Florida weather. Me with my cousins and brothers, enjoying Siesta Key beach. The number one beach in the United States is my backyard playground. Can't beat that ;) My cousin Eric surprised everyone and flew down from Minneapolis … [Read more...]

This week I’m loving…


Well since I'm behind in blogging I'll just give you all an update! This week I'm loving... Gorgeous Florida fall weather. It seriously can't be beat. Fall weather doesn't really hit us until November, so the cool nights and breezy fall days have just started creeping in... and I love it! An excuse to wear cute sweaters? Yes please! Year-round fresh produce! My dad always complains during this time of year when the Minnesota Farmer's Markets shut down and he has to hit up the grocery … [Read more...]

Holy oatmeal, batman!


My oatmeal has wings. And no, I don't have children. I do things like this to entertain myself. :::mehehee::: Okay, name this movie: "Dear God, make me a bird... so I can fly fa...fa, fa away." ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Forrest Gump, classic fav. So why am I playing with my oatmeal? Maybe because the insane amount of hours I've spent this weekend studying contract law has started making me go a lil' craaaaaazy! … [Read more...]