Stormin’ Debby


To say that I haven't had anything to blog about would be the understatement of the century. Obviously the time to blog has been the issue, but we all know my sad summer school story by now. humph. Anywhoo... in case you live in a cave and have no access to social media, the news, the weather channel, etc., there was a hissy fit of a tropical storm lurking around all week! Probably the worst weather I've seen in awhile. Lots of flooding, water damage, storm damage, and overall scary … [Read more...]

My new favorite finds


Some new (to me) stuff I've been digging lately... EOS-Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm I really love this stuff! All natural and mostly organic ingredients! It does contain Beeswax (FYI vegans) but EOS does not test on animals which is what I am more concerned with. Plus the balm comes in a cute little bubble case and because of its size it never gets lost in my purse! I have the summer fruit and sweet mint flavors. Lavender & Jasmine Essential Oils I snagged a few … [Read more...]