a little birthday bliss

I celebrated my 27th birthday on Monday. Woooooosh did that creep up on me. Last time I checked I was in my mid twenties and now I’m slowly approaching my late twenties. EEEEEEk! Okay, I’ll calm down. Worse things have happened.. I’m sure. :) Although now I’m back home in sunny Florida, I spent my birthday with my sweetie in Colorado. We don’t usually go out to eat when I visit. Mostly because it’s so darn comfy staying holed up inside, enjoying a bottle of wine together, and cooking our own dinner. But birthdays are supposed to be special and different, so we went out. We ventured over to Dillon, CO (about a 45 min drive) and picked a cute little Japanese restaurant with hibachi-style cooking. I haven’t had hibachi in forever. It was the perfect date, and a wonderful way to spend a birthday.
We started off with some pre-dinner birthday cocktails. I ordered a Hendrick’s gin martini with muddled cucumber. Have I ever mentioned I’m a gin girl? I really love the stuff. I hardly ever drink it anymore, but if I ever have a cocktail it is usually gin.

I’ve replicated this drink at home, and it’s really quite simple.
Cucumber Gin Martini
3 oz. Hendricks Gin 
Cucumber slices
Fresh mint (optional)
1 oz. simple syrup
splash club soda

Muddle cucumber slices (and mint if using) in a cocktail shaker. Add gin, simple syrup and ice. Give it a good shake and strain into martini glass. Top with a splash of club soda and garnish with fresh cucumber slices. Enjoy! (And trust me, I did)

Have you ever tried asking a hibachi chef to not use butter in your tofu veggie stir fry?? You will be glared at, you will be grimaced at and you will get a raised eyebrow look with a muttering of “silly girl” to follow. ((((Sigh)))) “But veggie STICK!! Veggie stick to grill! No good!”…”Yes, I realize that…do you have oil?”…”Oil no good. No flavor.” ARRRRRRRRRRG. 

 Overall our night was wonderful. We hopped back over to Breckenridge after dinner and cruised the town. I think my favorite part was seeing my man all dolled up. ;)
Happy birthday to me! Did I mention my one-year veggie birthday is next week? Kinda stoked about that one. 

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