Colorado Summertime

Colorado summertime. When words aren’t enough… take pictures!
The poppies in full bloom in the garden
We planted my beloved foxglove, so it now has a permanent home!
Hummingbirds all day every day…
Getting our hands dirty in the garden
Spending some time with the horses
Shadow, the “bruiser”
Dusk in the mountains
Socks, the 2-year-old philly
Now I’m off to enjoy my last weekend in the mountains!

P.S. It’s official. My blogroll didn’t copy over to my new domain. It simply… disappeared. Now, someone want to explain that to me??! Grrr… okay it may take me a few weeks to get everyone back on there, but I’ll try my best! Leave me a comment with your url and that will help me remember everyone. Love you all!!


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