Stormin’ Debby Tropical Storm

To say that I haven’t had anything to blog about would be the understatement of the century. Obviously the time to blog has been the issue, but we all know my sad summer school story by now. humph. Anywhoo… in case you live in a cave and have no access to social media, the news, the weather channel, etc., there was a hissy fit of a tropical storm lurking around all week! Probably the worst weather I’ve seen in awhile.

Lots of flooding, water damage, storm damage, and overall scary stuff. Luckily, most people have insurance policies to cover storm damages, but it’s still heartrenching to see your home or your things in such distress, and my heart goes out to those people who were seriously affected by Tropical Storm Debby. It’s kind of surreal because life sort of gets put on hold when the hurricanes and tropical storms come out to play. I endured a minor roof leak and had to skip class because the skyway bridge was closed, but other than that I wasn’t too terribly affected. My friend Dan did catch some scary shots of the flooding around Tampa.

Crazy stuff! But you would never have known we had a tropical storm just two days ago because today was as gorgeous as can be! Mother nature has a funny sense of humor sometimes.

My drive over the skyway bridge on the way to class today. And just think, the skyway was closed on Tuesday so I couldn’t even make it to class! But look at those baby blue skies now. All better. 

Even the animals have come back out to play. I was sitting on the patio tonight enjoying some kitty snuggles and catching up on instagram (<— obsessed! @lovesveggees if you want to follow me) and look who decided to cross through my back yard?

A family of 5 deer, so peaceful, so calm, so breathtaking. Just munching on the grass and going for a nightly stroll.

In the midst of stormy chaos all week, my mother decided last weekend would be the ideal day for her to move. Not even half joking here folks. Who moves during a tropical storm? I have not a clue. My mother, I suppose that’s who. She had until the end of the month to be out of her place but I guess she was too anxious to be in her new place, (at least that’s the reason she gave me). My mom’s moving up to Ocala, Florida, where some of our other family also live. It’s a cute lil town, with lots of countryside and horses. My mom is really excited about her new place, but I have to admit, although she will only be about 2 hours away she’s still moving farther away from me, and this makes me quite sad. But I’m trying my best to be happy for her as she starts this new adventure!

In the process of my mom moving, I have acquired some pretty new furniture! Yay!

Meet Big Bertha

I’m kind of obsessed with this piece. This is a picture of it in her home (I texted a few friends seeing if they wanted to buy it at first). It’s so completely gorgeous, and I was drooling over it while texting my bff girlie to see if she was interested. But the thing is HUGE and nobody had the means to get it to their home, let alone a place to put it once they got it there! I on the other hand have plenty of room... Ha. ha. ha. Not.

This is my home.

Okay, obviously not really my home. But it is a glimpse of my belongings that have overtaken my grandparents garage at this point. As most of you know I decided to move in with G&G last year while I finish business school, but I don’t think grandma knew what she was getting into! I have now spread my things out from the third car garage to overtaking the central garage (with the additional items my mom gave me). Which is why you can see the irony of the situation that I was the one to take the massive 8 foot armoire off my mother’s hands. Obviously, I wasn’t thinking clearly. At all. Not even a tiny bit.

And yet I’m so excited that my mom gave me a few nice pieces of furniture. Eventually I’ll be out of G&G’s place and back in my own place again, and I can’t wait to find something cute and call it my own. I really miss that most of all. In the mean time, Big Bertha has staked her claim in the back of the garage. She’s almost 8′ tall. Did I mention that?

But oooooh the possibilities she has!!! I’m such a goon. My boyfriend is gonna freak when he sees this.

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