Eating enough & healthy snacking

How does it make you feel when somebody tells you, you don’t eat enough, or how can you eat so much!? Does it make you feel like you want to curl up in the fetal position and pick at the carpet in the corner of the room? Yeah, well that’s how it makes me feel. Part of me wants to scream It’s none of your damn business! And the other part of me wants to whimper if only you knew how much I have struggled with intuitive eating over the years… then you’d leave me alone. ::::sigh::::

I feel like I have finally come to a fairly decent “happy place.” A place where I can listen to my body and give it what it wants, when it wants it. But with that said, nobody is perfect. Since I follow a plant-based diet, a lot of the foods I eat are high in fiber and nutrients, but lower in calories. That is great for somebody on a weight loss plan, but for weight maintenance, I really have to make sure I am eating several times a day and getting a good balance of protein, fats, complex carbs, fiber and nutrients. I’ve noticed when I am crazy busy with work and school my meals tend to be smaller and rushed. In the long run this stresses me out both mentally and physically, so it’s something I’m working on improving. So I’ve started to introduce myself to snacking. I know it sounds silly but it’s something I never used to do. I actually grew up kind of old school where I was told don’t snack, it will spoil your dinner!

So with all of that said, don’t judge how much I eat during the day by my #WIAW posts. I hardly ever include everything, and usually have a few snacks and a late night dessert that I may not post. Fueling my body several times a day keeps my mind and my tummy happiest, so that’s what I try to do! So what are some easy, healthy and nutritious vegan snack foods that I grab on the run? Here’s an idea… 

So Delicious Coconut cultures with chopped fruit

Carrots, cukes and hummus Larabars, Pure Bars and Raw Revolution bars

Smoothies! I’m notorious in my house for blending something up and bottling it up. I use frozen fruits to keep it cold for the drive to work or class. Sometimes I’ll even keep a banana, almond milk, cinnamon, hemp protein and peanut butter smoothie in the fridge at work. It stays cold and doesn’t separate. And of course I’m partial to my green ones!

I also keep these sweet lil dessert balls on hand constantly. They are actually packed full of protein, nutrients and healthy fats–and are perfect for warding off hunger or satisfying a sweet tooth! There are tons of recipes all over the blogosphere; here is one that I often make. But you can make them with whatever combination of ingredients you have on hand, like: nut butters, dates, raisins, cocoa powder, shredded coconut, sunflower seeds, nuts, sesame seeds, tahini paste, pretzel pieces, dark chocolate chips, protein powders and so much more! Put everything into a food processor and blend away! Roll the dough into balls then roll them in coconut, sunflower or sesame seeds to keep them from being sticky. Pop them in the fridge or freezer to keep fresh.

Perfect lil snack foods! And of course there is my all time favorite. Fruit! But I already told ya’ll about that obsession!  And pretty much anything slathered in nut butter. My favorites? Cashew, almond and peanut butter. In that order. Today. Tomorrow it might be walnut, peanut then almond. Who knows? ;)

I’m also a huge fan of dried fruit and trail mix. It’s perfect to keep in my purse or book bag for when hunger sneaks up on me and I have another hour or two of my business law professor’s monotone rantings to listen to. heh. Jk. I actually love that class!

So there you have it. Just a peak at some of my favorite snack foods. As you can see I stick to pretty healthy snacks, but don’t let this fool you, they are all still pretty seriously yummy. Trust me. If you are on a weight loss plan and having trouble giving up snacking, try trading in any processed foods or junk food snacks for something a bit healthier. Keep your portions small–remember a snack should really be under 200 calories if you are eating 3 adequate meals during the day. But whatever you do, don’t grab one of those nasty 100 calorie sugar-laiden-full-of-high-fructose-corn-syrup-and-preservatives snack packs. Puh-lease pick something else! 

Do you snack? What are your favorite healthy snack foods? 

Ohhhh guess what I did today!? I treated myself to a facial!! I used a special groupon that I got a few months back and finally decided to take advantage of. Oh my goodness I was in heaven. I try to get one at least twice a year to keep my skin healthy and fresh, and for the deep cleansing benefits. Love them!


  1. Brooek says:

    Ooh I love snacking!! But was told the same thing you were.. IT WILL SPOIL YOUR DINNER!! I think once I ventured out on my own, I went crazy with snacks.. heheee, but now find I work best with the “6 meals” a day routine, especially when I was training and needed to up my calorie intake..

    Most of my snacks are similar to yours! Lots of fruits, veggies, smoothies (green ones are my faaaavorite), trail mix, and lara bars.. mmmm kinda getting hungry for my afternoon snack of an apple and peanut butter!! Walnut butter sounds out of this world………………………

    • Lindsay says:

      I think eating small meals throughout the day is really good for some people, especially with you being an athlete!

      I have yet to make walnut butter but saw a recipe on a blog the other day that was cinnamon walnut butter that sounded sooo fabulous! I’m thinking of making a bunch of nut butters this year as Christmas presents and putting them in mason jars with ribbons or something cut? Well see if I have time! But yes walnut butter is the first on my list ;)

  2. Shannon says:

    Every now and then I still struggle with intuitive eating. But every day Im learning to listen to my body more and more and it feels great! :)

    I love to snack! My favorite healthy snack foods are fruit, carrots with peanut butter, trail mix and snack bars :)

    • Lindsay says:

      Intuitive eating is definitely not something that landed in my lap overnight, and there are some days I still work on it, but overall it’s been a blessing to be able to listen to my body and give it what it wants and I agree it feels great!

      That’s awesome you are a healthy snacker like me! hehe. I didn’t used to be. I used to go crazy over bags of chips and junk food stuff but I’m glad I’ve moved on from that :)

  3. Katelainey says:

    Yeah I’m really noticing that since I’ve been on a plant based diet that I really do need to snack more or else I’m hungry all the time. With the wedding, work, working on the house, and moving, I’ve been so bad at staying ontop of cooking or just rushing my eating times…pretty sure that’s why I’ve lost a couple of pounds which is the opposite of what I’m trying to do. It’s been a learning process with going almost 100% plant diet.. I never know if I’m getting enough of the right nutrients and with me starting to run more, I this is especially important. I think you are right with just keeping all these good snacks ready. Since I just started buying the nutrition for the running company I work for, I’ve been snacking on the ProBars (which are vegan) and love them. Great post!!

    • Lindsay says:

      I can totally relate! Sometimes I find myself rushing with meals and I have to remind myself I need to eat more to get all of the nutrients that I need on a daily basis. (although I usually make up for it on vacations! ha!) But yes, I think healthy and easy snacks are the way to go. Smoothies have been a life saver for me these days especially!!! I’ve never heard of ProBars but I’ll keep my eye out for them.
      Can’t wait to hear more updates on the new house!! So excited for you girl! :)

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