Friends for a lifetime

Close friends since 5th grade, we were the three musketeers. We were inseparable. Of course we had lots of friends but when it comes down to it, these two girls were the ones that knew me inside and out and our love and friendship for each other was unconditional.

Now, one of us is getting married. She’s the first, and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t thought about this day since I was 12 years old and we were first friends. I’m so proud of both of these girls and feel so lucky and blessed to still have them in my life, and to celebrate the beginning of a new life, as I pass my friend on to this amazing guy that has swept her off her feet and filled her heart with love. 
This is a picture from last night, 9 years after our high school graduation. I know today is going to be emotional for all of us but I am so thrilled to be a part of this special day, to be spending time with both of these girls, and to watch my friend walk down the aisle and make a commitment to the man she loves. Congratulations Morgan and Basil! Let the wedding festivities begin!
~Peace, Love & Veggies xo

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