Crockpot saves the day


There is something about the smell of a crock-pot meal wafting through the house that just makes me smile. In my humble opinion, the crock pot is pretty much the most ingenious invention ever. Dump everything into a pot, add water, a few spices, turn on a switch... and walk away! In a few short hours the sweet aromas fill the room. Crock pot meals come in especially handy when cooking a full meal is too time consuming and practically out of the question. Did I mention it's cram for finals week? … [Read more...]

Veggie pasta & homemade pesto


Thank you all for your sweet comments on my last post! Getting grandma into gear with healthier eating habits has been quite a rewarding experience (in just a week!). So far she is really sticking to the meal plans and snacks I've suggested (although I've still given her a lot of freedom to make her own choices). She's also doing a great job with her food journals! We sit down every few days and go over her food groups. She has increased her veggies and whole grains by several servings each day, … [Read more...]

Homemade Veggie Stock


Since fall is in full swing now, it's officially hot soup season! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy soup all year round, but there is something about cooler weather that makes a warm bowl of soup that much more enjoyable. And believe it or not since my last post the weather has finally started to cool down a bit here in Florida. Thank goodness! The day I can wear boots and a sweater I'll be happy. But for now, I've started exploring some soup recipes to get me in the autumn spirit. The first step … [Read more...]

What’s in your spice drawer?

What's in your spice drawer?

I'm the type of girl that will tote spices along when I travel, or sometimes even into a restaurant. Call me crazy, I know... But I don't much care for bland food and since I follow a primarily vegan diet I like to jazz up my plate with a little dab of this or a dab of that. (Okay so the only spice I actually carry in my purse is red pepper flakes but sometimes I wish I could bring more!)Don't get me wrong, I can truly appreciate the natural flavor of an unseasoned bowl of brown rice, a baked … [Read more...]

Coconut curry stir fry!

Coconut curry stir fry!

I love curry. There is something about the slightly sweet and yet spicy combination in curry dishes that just tickles my palate. There are so many different types of curry, that the possibilities for cooking with curry are endless! I have just started exploring curry more recently. Believe it or not, I used to think I was allergic to the stuff! When I was a kid I always had a swollen and scratchy throat when I ate my mom's chicken curry dish. But somewhere in early adulthood I tried curry again … [Read more...]

Miso soup and fresh ginger root

Miso soup and fresh ginger root

Tonight ended up being a very relaxing and enjoyable night. After finishing up a big presentation in school I came home, flopped on the couch, warmed up some leftovers and indulged in one of my fav shows--Glee! Yes, I said it, I'm a Gleek. I've said it before and I'll say it again. The show reminds me of the musicals and performances I took part in when I was a kid, and what can I say, I love the singing, the choreography and the slightly-ridiculous-yet-still-humorous plots. Plus Lea Michele is … [Read more...]

Hot Ginger Baths

Hot Ginger Baths

I feel like I am counting down the hours until my semester is over. Not the days mind you, the hours. Oyyy the anticipation is killing me. But it feels so good to have one semester down and only a few more to go! Entering business school at the ripe age of 27 worried me at first because I couldn't imagine squeezing one more thing into my packed-to-the-brim life, let along full-time school! But I adjusted to make things work. I cut back my hours at work some, and moved out of my beautiful condo … [Read more...]