Homemade bath scrub with coconut oil

If you know me personally, or if you have ever read my about me page, you know that I’m obsessed with kitchen-ware. Is that the appropriate word, kitchen-ware? Basically anything that goes in the kitchen. And I’m a bit of a kitchen snob too. I like the pricey stuff. Oyyy. There is something about high quality French cookware, professional chef’s knives and designer appliances that makes me weak in the knees. If I even smell a kitchen store from miles away, I must visit.

One of my favorite stores to visit while vacationing up north is this darling shop called Christmas Point in Baxter, Minnesota. They have gorgeous kitchen-ware and I spent a lot of time drooling. And of course I had to snag a few items.

I picked up some really cute hand-painted ramekins. What food blogger wouldn’t love these!?

I fell in love immediately and picked up a set for myself and my mama. Both sides have cute lil veggies painted on them. Expect to see some veggie ramekins in future foodie pics. ;)

Last weekend my mom and I did a little more kitchen shopping and I stopped by my favorite store ever–Sur La Table. Of all the kitchen stores out there, this one takes the cake. The staff is incredibly friendly (I almost always get greeted and offered coffee within the first minute of walking in the door) and their product selection is amazing. But my favorite part? They have some great sales! I always check out the clearance section in the back for the best deals. And if you work in the hospitality industry (which I do part time with a catering company) you can bring in a pay stub and they give you a professional courtesy discount of 15% off all items including clearance. Maybe you don’t work in the hospitality industry, but I bet you know somebody who does! Take them with you next time you buy a new set of kitchen knives. Sweet deal. ;)

I snagged a commercial size mini muffin tray, a pastry blender, a french tart pan, a lemon cheese knife, a beautiful orange pitcher (to match my strawberry one)…

And a cute watermelon apron.

I couldn’t help it. I fell in love when I tried it on.

Sur La Table has a beautiful new line of vintage aprons that I’m in love with. I sort of started collecting cute aprons last year. They are colorful, girly, frilly and a perfect accent hanging on the kitchen wall. Oh and they will make you look super chic while in the kitchen hosting your next dinner party. ;) :::sigh:::: I think I got enough kitchen goodies to last me awhile. I’m really looking forward to that tart pan!

When I came home from vacation, the house was a hot and stuffy 86 degrees or so, and I discovered a funny thing… my two jars of coconut oil in the pantry had completely melted! heh. So what’s a girl to do with melted coconut oil? Make some homemade sugar bath scrub I suppose. (Or just leave it in the pantry and let it be while the house cools down again, but hey, I needed to exfoliate.)  ;)

Combine melted coconut oil with organic natural sugar for an all natural and organic homemade luxurious bath scrub. This stuff is AH-MAZING! Plus it can be pretty pricey in the stores and this homemade version is much cheaper. I used to make my own bath scrub with Johnson’s lavender baby oil and sugar, but this is far superior. My bath had a slight hint of coconut smell and the oil left my skin super soft. Must try this at home! :)

This week I’ve been back to my normal routine. Classes + work + yoga + juicing… etc. Had to leave those vacation bloody marys and onion rings behind ;) But life is good and it feels great getting back in my groove.

P.S.  I’m currently reading every piece of online literature available about moving my blog from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress. Blogger has been giving me headaches for awhile now (like just the other day Whitney tweeted me she couldn’t comment. Ugh! Sorry girl!) and from what I’ve heard from fellow bloggers, WordPress is pretty far superior. Since I’m already making that giant leap I thought I might as well add the self-hosting part. With all of that said… I’m a bit nervous ::::gulp::::: because I think I’m going to do it all myself! Eeps!

I’m only moderately proficient with technology, but I’m also a fast learner. I know I’ll probably have tons of questions about wordpress once I get over there, but I’m still willing to make the leap. If you have any comments, suggestions, or insight on the blogger—>wordpress move, I’d love to hear your thoughts!!!


  1. Brooke {FreeBird Runner} says:

    I am going to have to try that bath scrub! Thanks for the idea!

    I've been debating switching to WP, too. Blogger has been giving me so many headaches, not allowing comments, and issues with posting. I've heard the same as you about WP, but it seems sooooo confusing compared to blogger.. although with time, I'm sure it's easy peazy :)

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