Hot Totties Recipe

So, because I have the luck of the Irish blood that runs through my skin, I suppose that is why God gave me this wretched cold AFTER Christmas and BEFORE New Years and hopefully not during either of the two holidays :) Either way, I felt it coming on yesterday and I woke up feeling utterly wretched. To make matters worse I am spending the week with my boyfriend’s family in Northern Illinois and away from home. Being sick is always a million times worse when you’re away from home. But my man and I have passed some of the time making this delicious drink that I thought I’d post the recipe for, and I’m feeling a little better already :)

Hot Totty
1 tea bag (black tea or lemon flavored are best)
1 cinnamon stick
1 tsp. maple syrup
1 shot brandy, scotch or whiskey (I prefer brandy, it is a little sweeter)
slice of lemon
2 cloves
Pour liquor and sweetener into a large mug. Add tea bag and top off with hot water. Add remaining ingredients and let simmer for a few minutes before enjoying this delicious cure-all sickness beverage!

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