Interview with author Lindsay Nixon, from Happy Herbivore

If you haven’t heard of Happy Herbivore yet, shame on you. hehe. ;) I know I’ve been ranting and raving all week about my new cookbook Happy Herbivore by Lindsay Nixon, and all of the delicious low-fat vegan recipes she features. Well Lindsay decided to do a “blog book tour” so I jumped right in and sent her some interview questions, which I’m excited to share with you here. :)

Lindsay S. Nixon is a rising star in the culinary world, praised for her ability to use everyday ingredients to create healthy, low fat recipes that taste just as delicious as they are nutritious. Lindsay’s recipes have been featured in Vegetarian Times, Women’s Health Magazine and on The Huffington Post. Lindsay is also a consulting chef at La Samanna, a luxury resort and four-star restaurant in the French West Indies. You can learn more about Lindsay and sample some of her recipes at

Q:  When you first got the idea to write a cookbook did you have an image in the back of your mind about what it would look like, the recipes you would feature and how you would promote it? 

A:  I knew that I wanted a lot of color photos, so I was thrilled when my publisher was on board with a full color cookbook. One of the hardest things for us was picking out a cover. I wanted green (it’s my favorite color) but figuring out what to put on it was hard. We settled on lots of little pictures because my cookbook is a melting pot. I really didn’t think ahead about how to promote it. I knew I’d rely on my fans help, which I did.

Q:  Did your initial ideas work or did you end up making a lot of adaptations?

A:  Sometimes I get it right on the first try. This is particularly true when I cook on the fly, tasting as I go. When I sketch out a recipe idea on paper first, it can be a hit or miss. Thankfully, most of my recipes execute the first try, but there were some, like the spicy sausages, that took 7 attempts!

Q:  Your husband is obviously very supportive of what you do, and it’s my guess that he tries all the yummy goodies you make. My question is, is he full vegan or does he kind of stick to his own thing? How have you adjusted to this?

A:  I am very fortunate to have such a supportive husband. Although I get all the “press” and “fame” we’re actually a team. He does usually get to taste everything, and it’s interesting to see how his feedback has changed from “mmm good” to “I like the balance of lemon to sage.” LOL

Scott is vegan. When I went vegetarian, he swore he never world. Not too long after I was vegan (about a year later) he came home and announced he’d been a vegetarian for a month, citing the environmental as his motivation. Several months later he went vegan. This was a few years ago. He’s motivated mainly by the health benefits, and the environmental impact, but he’s also moved by the plight of farm animals. He says that he’ll never go back to eating meat again, even if I wasn’t in the picture.

Q:  If you and your husband have children someday would you raise your children as vegans? If so, do you anticipate any family criticism in doing this and how would you deal with it?
A:  Most definitely. We’ve been vegan for so long now that we’ve really gotten around it with family. Everyone was fairly skeptical at first, but we’ve convinced them how healthy it is. Plus now my sister is vegan, Scott’s mother is predominately vegan, and my parents just adopted meatless mondays with the hope of eventually going meatless full time.

They’ve witnesses first hand how much weight Scott & I both lost, how our medical conditions reversed, how happy and good we both look. (Going vegan also helped my sister go off all her medication) — those are things you can’t dispute. Plus we overload them with lots of books.

Q:  Describe one of the best and/or one of the worst moments you had in your kitchen experimenting with recipes.

A:  best: Shortly after I went vegan I wanted muffins, and was crushed that my favorite box mix was not vegan. I tried three different recipes and none of my muffins rose. (It was my first time ever cooking muffins from scratch too). It was really devastating. Then I tried one last time and they rose beautifully–they were perfect. I’m pretty sure I had tears of joy.

worst: I have perhaps the worst track record with seitan. It once blew up and splattered all over me, the wall — I’m still unsure how it happened.

Q:  In general, how do you feel about fellow blogs posting your cookbook recipes? I have felt fine posting recipes that you also share on your blog and linking to you, but sometimes I wonder about whole recipes being posted that you have not shared yourself anywhere but your cookbook.

A:  Well I’m a lawyer by trade–so with that hat on I feel like I have to say “the recipes are copyrighted and so it’s illegal to republish them without permission” but as an author I’m kind of torn. While I’m flattered someone is so excited about my recipe that they want to share it, it’s kind of like, well if everyone gives out my recipes for free — who is going to buy my book? I worked really hard on my book, don’t I deserve to make a buck on it?

I could pretty much argue it in every direction until the cows come home. I guess I just trust that people will do what they think is fair.
author Lindsay Nixon 
Thanks again Lindsay for taking the time to answer my questions and starting this blog book tour. I have followed Happy Herbivore’s blog for a couple of months now, and just picked up the cookbook before my spring break vacation last week. The recipes are super easy to follow with basic easy-to-find ingredients, and the food has turned out delicious every single time. I’ll post pics of any more recipes I try, but you’ll have to pick up the book if you want the actual recipes—trust me, it’s so worth it.
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My omnivore boyfriend went nuts over every recipe I whipped up last week. His favorite was the Hawaiian Chickpea Teriyaki, which I stuffed into some acorn squash bowls. My favorites were the drool-worthy whole wheat cinnamon rolls and chocolate zucchini muffins. 

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