Meow kitty kitty

Whatcha doin’ mama?
Hmm… Makin’ waffles. 
But last time you tried that you burnt your hand and your waffles turned out black like me. Meeeee- ow! 

Yeah I know, but this time I’m using grandma’s waffle iron instead of that old one I got at a garage sale. I think I’ll have better luck. 
Ahaha! I did have better luck!
What about me, do I get some? Hey you can’t even tell I’m here. I sort of blend in. meow. 
Mmmm… vegan chocolate chip coconut whole grain waffles with maple syrup. So delish. That Bob’s Red Mill really knows what he’s doin’ too. 
So scrumptious I can’t even use my fork. These are finger food for sure. Scarf Scarf. 
Geez, you didn’t even save me one bite. 
Wow, it’s a beautiful day, let’s go lay out by the pool. Pleeeeease! How can we resist this? Meow. 
We can resist this and we WILL, because my accounting final is tomorrow and I’m in cram-sesh. And last time we studied out by the pool I got all sweaty and you insisted on laying next to me and I was covered in sticky black cat hair in less than 10 min. Inside we go. 
Okay, well I’ll keep you company I guess. 
This post was inspired by my feline companion Phoebe and my lack of energy to actually write anything substantial tonight after staring at financial statements and stock dividends for the past 3 days straight. Tomorrow is the big test and then I am DONE with my semester. hallelujah I will rejoice by snagging a happy hour with my girl sarah and possibly indulging in a mani and pedi. Much deserved. 
~*~Peace, Love & Veggies


  1. Michele says:

    Hey there! Found your blog through my friend Lauren's blog (diary of a vegan girl) Love your “conversation” with your cat! Looking forward to reading more

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