Mom’s birthday at Columbia Restaurant

Last weekend was my amazing mama dearest’s birthday! We all rallied and headed up to St. Petersburg pier for a relaxing and quiet evening at The Columbia Restaurant, a family favorite. One of Florida’s oldest restaurants, dating back to a small pub in 1905, the Columbia is still family-run (5th generation!) It has blossomed into an extravagant and decadent dining establishment, serving top-quality Spanish and Cuban cuisine, with 5 Florida locations.

They offer a delicious assortment of vegetarian and vegan-friendly foods including homemade black beans, fried plantains (my fav!), yuca, yellow cuban rice and delicious veggies. Of course they have an extensive menu with paellas, arroz con pollo and camarones & seafood delecacies as well, for those so inclined. The  atmosphere is breathtaking and the service is top-notch. All-in-all you couldn’t ask for a better dining experience. I couldn’t go without mentioning the praise-worthy homemade mojitos and sangria, served table-side.

I was pleasantly surprised that their frijoles negras were 100% vegetarian. Score!

Most of my dinner companions dined on made-to-order paellas.

 Although I wish I could take such oh-so-lovely photos, I snagged these from the restaurant’s photo gallery here.

The staff went out of their way to make my mom’s birthday extra special, and even brought a lil dessert followed by Feliz Cumpleanos.  

We really had a wonderful evening! I even got the sweetest comment from my man, “The more time I spend with your mom, the more I realize where the crazy side of you comes from!” Well, I thought it was sweet. Since my mom’s crazy side is something I absolutely adore in her! We talked all night about her skydiving days and other adventures in her young adult years. She loved her present (new ipod!) and told each of us over and over how special the evening was for her. Sometimes all it takes is a lil effort to make mama happy ;)

I know I’m a lucky girl to have such a wonderful and amazing mother, and I count my blessings every day for her. And who in their right mind would believe this gorgeous woman is a year shy of the big 6-0? Not I!

Happy birthday to an amazing woman, mother & friend. Words can’t describe how much she means to me. She’s been there from day one. Her love is unconditional. She makes me laugh like no other. She understands me for who I am, and accepts me no matter what, while still encouraging me to be my best. She is selfless in so many ways, and the kindest most genuine person I know. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have such a wonderful and beautiful mama, inside and out, her beauty is breathtaking. Her soul is like a patch of blue sky on a cloudy day, shining bright and warming you from the inside out. I love her with all of my heart. xoxo


    • Lindsay says:

      awww thanks girlie. I get that compliment a lot, that we look so much alike. But I don’t mind!! :) I bet you look like your mama too!!

  1. Brooke says:

    Aww, what a sweet post!! A Mother-Daughter bond is like no other, glad you all had a fun celebration!! Did that newest member of your family tag along (from the post below?) LOL.. which btw.. LOVE!!

    • Lindsay says:

      The food is seriously to die for! It’s one of my fav restaurants around here and I love that they have vegetarian options. My mom had such a special bday! :)

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