New book , new thoughts…

Raw Fusion-Better Living Through Living Foods by Linda Joy Rose, PhD. I came across this little gem through some web surfing. After reading the reviews and finding out the author lives in Tampa, FL a short 40 min away from me, I had to snatch it up! Raw Eating has peaked my interest in the past couple of months. Although I love to cook, I think incorporating as many Raw foods into our diets has absolute maximum health benefits. And to be honest, I still feel like a chef when I’m making raw yummies. Have you ever tried making your own almond milk from raw almonds? It’s super easy and the process is also really fun! How about raw desserts? I’ve only made a few but let me tell you, they were some of the best deserts I’ve ever had. Eating more raw foods gives me so much energy. I also notice my skin glowing and my sleeping habits improving after incorporating juicing and raw smoothies into my diet. But let’s all be honest here–juicing and smoothies can get boring after awhile–especially for someone like me that loves to pull out a food processor, a spatula, a spoon, a grater, a peeler and a chef’s knife and create something fabulous out of basic ingredients.
So I have yet to actually try a recipe from her cookbook but right now I am devouring the juicy morsels of information on raw eating, raw ingredients and the health benefits to go along. :)
I’m not sure if her book is on amazon yet but her website rocks too so here’s the link.

On another note, my Random Thought for Today:
If I had an extra $500 lying around right now begging to be spent… what would I do with it? Here are my top 5. 

1. Ipad. It’s been on my “I want” list for awhile. I feel like I could really use it for business school because e-books are always cheaper, and toting my laptop from class to class gets a bit annoying. (Plus the professors get mad when you pull out the laptop and put that barrier of a screen up)
2. Donate it. Not only do I have a plethora of friends and family in financial troubles right now, but I also have tons of organizations that are on my “when I get rich and have money to donate” list. Although even minimal contributions help. My $25/month ASPCA donation goes a long way.
3. A blender. Yeah you read that correctly, a freaking blender. I am starting to feel myself going a little crazy these days. I want a Vita-Mix. Badly. Believe it or not this bull dog of a blender would use up most of the $500 too. But they are wonderful–or so I have heard, and read… and read some more. They will turn a green smoothie into a silky goodness that you could drink through a McDonald’s straw. Not that I would ever use a McDonald’s straw. If I was on a deserted island with a huge chunk of coconut fiber between my teeth and the only thing I had to pick it out was  McDonald’s straw–I would not use it. 
4. A week in Key West. My spring break is coming up and I was trying to think of something fun to do with my sweeti. He lives in Colorado so we only get to see each other about every 4-6 weeks anyway :( but I have a whole week coming up, which I will hopefully spend with him. I’m about a 6 hour drive to Key West, and I figure between the 2 of us we could have a grand time for the week if we bring all our own SCUBA gear and eat out super cheap. Hey maybe we’ll even camp instead of get a hotel? Why not? I can be rustic.  
5. A juicer. Another kitchen gadget ::::sigh:::: I currently use the one stashed at my mom’s house, a little Breville, which I visit about 3 or 4 times a week, but it is not that same as having one at home. Also I am not in love with her Breville–it juices super fast and produces a lot of waste. I have been doing my own juicer research and I think I’ve narrowed it down between the Green Star or Omega masticating juicers. These lil gadgets aren’t cheap though!

What would you do if you had an extra $500 smackos begging to be spent? ;)

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