Celebrating a New Job!

Oh Blog land I’ve missed you these past few weeks…

What happens when you leave your Mac pro charger at your boyfriend’s house up in Tampa on a Sunday night? Well, I’ll tell you what happens. Your Mac pro dies around Monday evening and sputters its last lil breath. And then you are without your precious laptop until the following weekend when you can venture back up to Tampa to see your sweetie and reclaim your laptop charger.

Story of my life. I hated being without my laptop all week, but I survived! Thank God for iphones!

This is how I spent most of my week anyway…

…engrossed in my books and cramming for finals! Oyy! But hard work paid off! Finals are over, the semester is over, and I finished with a nice lil bundle of straight A’s. Weeeeeeee! Now I get 2 weeks off until summer school starts. Short-lived celebration, that’s for sure!

Last weekend my sweeti and I enjoyed a Sunday brunch at a new spot we discovered in Seminole Heights, Tampa. This place is called The Refinery, and it has quite the unique menu.

For brunch I had a quinoa dish served with a curried apple puree and topped with dried fruit and crackers for dipping. It was a really unique combo, and extra spicy, but I really enjoyed it! We also glanced over the dinner menu to see if we wanted to make a trip back for nighttime dining sometime in the future.

This is just the small plates selection. Such unique food combinations, and lots of veg and gluten free options. I dunno about the fried beef tongue (!!!!) but I can really appreciate a restaurant with such a fresh vibe. They use only local and fresh ingredients, and their wine and beer menu is superb. I know we will venture back for dinner sometime soon!

I’ve also been doing lots of cooking in my boyfriend’s teeny tiny apartment kitchen on the weekends. When we first started dating this kitchen was bare as could be. After a little help and persuading from yours truly, combined with a few donations of items that I had in surplus, he finally has things almost fully stocked!! Rice cooker, blender, juicer, pots and pans, veggie peeler, good knives… yay!

Making a little cold bean salad with fresh cilantro. Mmm! Lucky for me, my man loves almost everything I make. He appreciates that I follow a plant-based diet and he is even trying to transition to one himself. It’s sooooo much easier to have a partner that not only encourages and supports me, but also wants to better himself. I know I’m a lucky girl. See in the background–I bring him homemade Happy Herbivore baked goodies when I can ;)

He even made the switch to Sun Warrior vegan protein powder, after watching Forks Over Knives and learning about the side effects of casein, the protein found in cow’s milk and whey. Speaking of which, my amazon order just arrived today!

In other good news…  I got a new JOB! I’ve been working at a small accounting firm since last summer, trying to get my foot in the door in “accounting land” so to speak. But the job was more of an internship… very little pay, little hours, and lots of grunt work. Not that I’m complaining, I still appreciated the opportunity to be there. Overall it was a really good experience for me and my boss is a truly fabulous lady who mentored me in so many ways. But now, I’ve upgraded! After doing a little searching I found a larger firm that was hiring a staff accountant, and I felt like my resume was just shiny enough to apply, so I did! After sitting nervously for 2 weeks I finally got a call back and scheduled an interview. I interviewed at 9 am on a Friday morning and got offered the position around noon. I was absolutely thrilled!

My new job has so many perks including better pay, more hours, my own spacious office, a boss who is still willing to be flexible with my school schedule, and it’s only a short 5 minute drive from my house. It’s literally a match made in heaven. I’ve been there a little over a week and it keeps getting better and better!

My own computer in my own lil office. Had to put my girls on my desktop of course!!

I learned a lot while I was job hunting this time around. Overall it was a really good experience for me, and I’m so glad I decided to put myself out there and see what I could get. :)


    • Lindsay says:

      Aww thanks girlie! I know I miss being active in blog world too. It’s so hard to juggle everything. Work + school + family + boyfriend… :) but I’m going to try to get back into it more this summer. Hope all is well with you lady!!

      • Lauren says:

        I hear you – I’ve been very busy with work, blogging, and writing for other websites. I also want to get a dog very soon so I’ll probably turn into a mad person! But with so many good things going on, it’s hard to complain! Enjoy your break :)

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