Queen of Hearts Bridal Shower

After weeks of planning and two solid days in the kitchen–cooking appetizers, dinner and desserts for 25 guests–I threw my best girlfriend a bridal shower that she’ll never forget! The Queen of Hearts Bridal Shower was a success! Here is a photo glimpse of the food, the fun and the guests. Enjoy!
Day two in the kitchen, I had to throw on comfy shoes. My feet were killing me!
Putting finishing touches on the cupcakes, a few hours before the party.
I revised my menu and made 4 different kinds of cupcakes, with three different kinds of frosting. All vegan, all homemade, all delicious :) I read Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World for 2 days before setting out on this conquest. This book totally rocks and if you don’t have a copy, get one! Cuz you’re missing out!! :)
The dessert table. Chocolate covered marshmallows dipped in graham cracker crumbs (I used regular marshmallows but you can buy vegan ones), pineapple upside-down cake, chocolate covered strawberries dipped in coconut flakes and graham cracker crumbs, raw chocolate avocado strawberry tarts, chocolate coconut cupcakes, pineapple coconut cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting, red velvet vanilla cupcakes & hand-dipped chocolate bon-bons. The guests went nuts over this table! The Queen of Hearts bridal shower theme was definitely a success!
The hand-dipped chocolate bon-bons were to die for! I discovered this company while at my friend’s wedding in North Carolina two weeks ago. She had little boxes of bon-bons in our guest goodie-bags as special treats. They are hands-down the best chocolate candy I’ve ever tasted, period. I fell so in love with them that I ordered 4 pounds of bon-bons for the bridal shower! They were a huge hit!
The drink table. Homemade red and white sangria and iced mint green tea and candy bowls. The checkerboard tablecloth and giant chess pieces were my mom’s and I ordered the Alice in Wonderland posters online.
Making up a batch of tropical red sangria.
My DIY crafty project for the party was plaster dipped fabric roses. They turned out so pretty and I used them as centerpieces on all of the tables. I left some of them white and spray painted others red.
Who’s been painting my roses red? Who’s been painting my roses red!?! Who dares to paint, with vulgar paint, the royal flower bed? For painting my roses red, someone shall lose his head! ~The Queen of Hearts
Me with the bride-to-be. I can’t believe my friend is getting married! So happy and proud of this amazing woman that I love!! :)
Everyone had their picture taken with Johnny. Cute, cute Johnny ;)
The card basket and the notes for the bride basket.
The entry-way. Alice in Wonderland style ;)
The “guest book”, which I’m going to put in a frame for the bride and give it to her at her wedding.
I have tons and tons of other pictures, but I’ll leave you all with this for now! The party was a huge hit and I had so much fun putting it together. From cooking, to decorating, to planning the games… each process was a lot of work but so worth it in the end! I had a ton of help from the bride, her maid of honor and my wonderful mother dearest. Thank you all for a wonderful weekend!


  1. KateLainey says:

    This party looked awesome! What a sweet theme and I can only imagine how much time everything took. I'm sure your friend was so thankful for you doing this. That sangria sounds so good right now. :)

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