Raw vegan dessert? Yes please!

I came across an awesome dessert idea last night while blog surfing (we all know how addicting that can be) ;)
Since I’ve cut out sugar and alcohol from my diet for the next couple of weeks I’ve been craving something sweet lately (duh!) Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet recommend foods that are low on the glycemic index, but she does preach the benefits of foods with natural sugars like dates! Yummm! I love me some dates! Dates are not exactly LOW on the glycemic index but they aren’t too bad either.
I found a recipe for some raw, vegan, gluten free dessert balls by Chocolate Covered Katie. They also have very little added sugar (teeny amount in the vegan dark chocolate chips). She calls them Samoas Fudge Babies. To me, they taste exactly like the Samoas Girl Scout Cookies but BETTER. They are not completely raw because she uses vegan chocolate chips but you could substitute raw carob chips if you like. I also added a little homemade raw cashew butter to mine to give them a protein boost.

Behold… the deliciousness. I rolled them in coconut flakes afterwards to make them pretty! I think I’m going to make these for my girlfriend’s bridal shower next month too. Thanks for the idea Katie, love love LOVE your blog girl!

After I made a small batch with dates I realized I was OUT of dates and I really wanted to make more! Eeeps! But I had some figs… go figure. So I made another batch and subbed some dried figs for dates. (**Make sure you cut the stem off the figs and cut them in half lengthwise before you put them in the food processor to open up all that gooey delicious meat). You can see the lil fig seeds in this picture. They turned out really good too but if I had to pick a winner the dates are the way to go.

Thanks again Katie for your awesome recipe, here is the link again so check these out! She also has the nutritional info for these compared to the Samoas Girl Scout cookies, which is an added bonus :)


  1. chocolate-katie says:

    Aww aww aww!!! They are beautiful! And also, your BLOG is beautiful! I am in love with the super-cute font! And the kitties!!! Oh my gosh, black cats are the best… I always wanted a black cat (and do not care what people say about them being bad luck), but sadly my mom and sister are allergic.

    Your sweet post made my day!! And I'll be sure to retweet this post as soon as I sign on to twitter next :).

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