The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone
This is one of the first books I picked up on my journey towards health. And to be honest, the word vegan was not even in my vocabulary in the beginning. But her book really got me motivated to cut out all of the physical crap in my life, namely the crap I was putting into my body–processed foods, sugary foods, caffeine-laiden energy drinks and coffees, sodas, diet pills and so much more. I truly began to appreciate the expression “We are what we eat.” I had a serious diet coke addiction and I needed to quit. I didn’t realize how all of the crap was making me feel until I cut it out. She also introduced me to organic produce and eco-friendly non-toxic cosmetics and household items. She preaches a wholesome vegan macrobiotic “super-hero” diet. She also has a great interactive online community called The Kind Life, which has been a huge inspiration to me as well and helped me connect with other people on similar paths.

This book is truly eye opening. The author, Kirs Carr, is a motivational speaker, health advocate and cancer survivor. After being diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer at stage 4, nearly 8 years ago, she decided to forgo standard treatments and and take healing into her own hands. She preaches a healthy alkaline digestive system to fight cancer and disease, and it has certainly been working for her. This book motivated me further in my journey towards health to incorporate as many wholesome fruits and vegetables into my diet as possible. These foods are packed full of vitamins and nutrients. When we take vitamin supplements it is never the same as ingesting the whole food in its natural source. Kris Carr encourages incorporating more raw eating and juicing into our diets to achieve maximum health benefits.
The Twelve Steps, A Spiritual Journey
I am a firm believer and supporter of the 12-step recovery program. This book was a tool I used in my teenage years during my eating disorder recovery at Remuda Ranch treatment center. I also turned back to this book in my early college years while struggling with some unhealthy lifestyle choices. The foundation is spiritual and the message is clear. Recovery is not immediate, it is a journey; a journey of steps and each has it’s own place and own meaning. I highly recommend this book to anyone suffering from any kind of addiction be it food related or not; or if you have a loved one that is trying to cope with an addiction of their own, this book will help you to better understand what they are going through and the tools they will need to properly heal.

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