Sarasota Chalk Festival

Well since I’m behind in blogging I’ll just give you all an update! This week I’m loving…

Gorgeous Florida fall weather. It seriously can’t be beat. Fall weather doesn’t really hit us until November, so the cool nights and breezy fall days have just started creeping in… and I love it! An excuse to wear cute sweaters? Yes please!

Year-round fresh produce! My dad always complains during this time of year when the Minnesota Farmer’s Markets shut down and he has to hit up the grocery stores for his over-priced and imported produce. I guess I’m lucky that Florida has growing seasons all year round!

The kale is especially plentiful this time of year, and we get another strawberry season here in Florida in early December. I scored a huge case of curly purple and green kale last week for juicing. This was my first time juicing purple kale! It turned everything a really pretty shade of purple.

This picture doesn’t even do it justice! Juice of the week…

Purple Drank = 1 small head purple kale, 1 cucumber, 1 yellow pepper, 2 gala apples, 4 stalks of celery. YUM! :)

Last weekend I ventured downtown to check out the annual Sarasota Chalk Festival which attracts artists from all over the country to feature their work.

There was some amazing talent! This one was one of my favorites, a picture from the children’s book Where the Wild Things Are

I also loved this one with the cheetah mama and cub. Such detail! Most artists drew based on a photograph or previous drawing. My date and I guessed that they sectioned off their designated space into grids and focused on one grid at a time. Each artist had their own unique style and ability, and I was blown away by the talent that was showcased.

This weekend I spent some time catching up with old friends at my girlfriend’s baby shower! I asked if I could bring a dish to help out and was told anything “mini” to go with the theme of the party. Mini cupcakes anyone?

Happy Herbivore’s carrot cake cupcakes with a homemade chocolate hazelnut frosting. (For the cupcakes I cut the sugar amount in half and doubled the amount of carrot–still plenty sweet!) A tip for taking cupcakes to a party: frost them at the party! I put the frosting in a big ziplock plastic baggie and then cut off the tip to turn it into a piping bag. The piping job may not have been perfect but it sure beat risking them possibly getting ruined on the drive over.

Cutest lil pregnant chica I’ve ever seen! I had entirely too much fun looking at baby clothes and toys while picking out her gift. She’s headed back to Colorado now to finish out her pregnancy while working a crazy demanding job as a medical resident. I don’t envy her for that!

I’m also loving that fact that fall semester is almost over!  Three more weeks until finals. :) Happy girl.

What are you loving this week?


  1. Michelle says:

    I’ve almost made those cupcakes and love them! But that idea of cutting down the sugar and replacing with carrots is nothing short of genius :) And I totally agree – I’m so happy the semester is almost over!

    • Lindsay says:

      I didn’t even try making them with the full cup of sugar. For me that was just overkill. The applesauce adds a lot of sweetness to them so 1/2 c. of sugar or 2/3 c. at the most is plenty. I actually used 1/2 c. maple syrup and 2 heaping tbs. of brown sugar and then doubled the carrot. I also added raisins and chopped pecans. They turned out great! I love her cookbook and she’s got some great ideas for healthy vegan baked goods. Have you made the chocolate zucchini muffins yet? To die for!
      Yay for school almost being over!!

      • Michelle says:

        Great ideas with all the substitutions! And yeah, her cookbook is pretty fantastic. The baked goods I think outshine a lot of the entrees, but nonetheless all that I’ve tried are really tasty. I’ve definitely made the chocolate zucchini muffins a few times and totally had my completely non-vegan/huge meat-eating family totally fooled! They couldn’t believe that there was a lick of dairy hidden inside those muffins, and then when I told them a vegetable was in there! Oh man, their expressions were priceless :)
        I hope all your exams went well!

        • Lindsay says:

          I agree, the baked goods are my favorite! The other recipes are fairly simple but I am thrilled her book is doing so well and influencing so many to eat healthier and more clean. Her new one comes out the first week of Dec, so I pre-ordered on amazon! Chocolate zucchini muffins are definitely a fav in my house!!! :)

  2. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Loooved these cupcakes. They were definitely a hit! <3 <3 My relatives were all talking about your nutella frosting tonight :) xoxoxo

  3. Bob Somerville says:

    I’m a produce wholesaler in Boston and like your Dad I’m depressed that our local produce had dwindled down to cabbage, kale and a few squash. :(

    Love the chalk drawings and the drank juice! I’m looking into juicing myself but need more info on how to get started.

    Just got back from South Fl and just loved the fall weather BUT I’m currently loving our Boston weather……………62 degrees on November 15th at 3 am!!! Totally unheard of.

    • Lindsay says:

      I’m a huge juicing advocate (as you probably know) but it took some time and a little research for me to get started and figure everything out. I think the best way to start is to visit a local health food store or juice bar and TRY juice on a regular basis to see if you like it, and if it gives you enough energy to motivate you to do it on your own. Go out and buy a juice every day for 2 weeks straight and see how you feel. If you will spend the time and money to do that, then you might be ready to make the commitment to purchasing a juicer.

      Buying a juicer is an investment so do your research and take your time! :) Don’t settle for a cheap juicer–it will give you more trouble than it’s worth. Sometimes you can get good deals on ebay or Craigslist for a quality used juicer too. Stick to well-known solid brands like Breville, Samson, Green Star, Hurom, Omega, etc. The longer the warranty offered, the better. Hmmm… so maybe I’ve given you more advice than you want, but I hope that helps!! If you are a produce wholesaler you will have constant access to affordable produce so that is a HUGE bonus! I use my juicer to empty out the fridge of anything that looks like it’s starting to go bad, so I am wasting less!

      I’ve never been to Boston but I’ve heard it’s beautiful!!! :)

  4. Katelainey says:

    So I’m not a juicing expert at all…does adding apples cut out the harshness of what i imagine kale juice would taste like alone? I was loving the fall season until it started snowing up here in Michigan. rats! hah

    • Lindsay says:

      Adding apples is a perfect way to cut out some of the bitterness in the greens. Also carrots and lemon work really well. Kale juice can be a bit of an acquired taste, but it’s still nowhere near as harsh as wheat grass!! I wish I was in some pretty snow right now!! I’m thinking of heading to MN for a week at the end of Dec. to experience a white Christmas ;)

  5. Marissa says:

    I’m with your dad on that on that one … I am one state over in North Dakota and I totally feel the lack of fresh produce this time of year.

    Although, those chalk drawings are beautiful!

    This week, I am loving … a three day work week! Happy Thanksgiving. :]

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