Skinny Bitchin’

Sometimes I feel like I need a reminder, or perhaps just a swift kick in the behind, about why I dedicate myself to Green Livin’ and Green Eatin’. It is usually when I am watching the Food Network. Oh how I love the Food Network. Or did. I’m not sure which. But since my Veggie journey began (almost a year ago now) my interest for the Food Network has filtered down a bit because the shows I used to love– Iron Chef, Chopped, Top Chef, etc. kind of discourage me now. I don’t enjoy watching meat being cooked and butchered. It kind of grosses me out since going Veg. Weird. My passions for cooking and all things Foodie kind of stemmed from my Food Network watching days, so it is a bit nostalgic and reminiscent to watch. But let’s face it… there are not that many Vegan or Vegetarian recipes being featured on these shows. Damnit. But sometimes I watch anyway, learn cooking techniques and ideas, and twist them into Veg meals in my head and then move on. By the way the Food Network really should have a Vegan or Vegetarian Chef show. Please please pleeeeease! :)

So…back to what I was saying. I needed a swift kick in the butt to remind me why I make the decisions I make and why I choose this lifestyle for myself. Or maybe not to remind me, but to¬†encourage me, because sometimes it can be rough–I’ll admit it. So, I picked up Skinny Bitch–again. The first time I read it I was in a bookstore; I picked it up and sat down, and preceded to read it front to cover over the next couple hours. No joke. So I downloaded it on my Nook last night and read. I read my little heart out actually. The book makes me laugh. It is so to the point and obnoxious and wonderful at the same time. The authors, Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, do a wonderful job of dishing it out and making it funny. They are Vegans, and designed the book around weight loss–encouraging a wholesome Vegan diet without sugar, alcohol, caffeine, processed food and all the other icky stuff most people put into their bodies. They also do a great job of describing what the meat and dairy industries do to our planet, and what meat and dairy does to our bodies. This is my second time reading it and I think I am laughing even more this time around but I’m happy to do so and happy to be encouraged. Thanks ladies!

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