Summer School & Vegan Lunch Preps

Summer school has begun… dun dun dun. And I have senselessly packed my summer schedule with more classes than I can realistically handle. But alas, too late now, I’m just going to give it my best shot and run with it.

Summer school is crazy because they pack an entire semester (about 16 weeks) worth of material into a condensed summer period (6 to 10 weeks, depending on the course). So instead of 1 or 2 chapters a week, each class covers 2, 3 or even 4 chapters a week. A WEEK! Oh yes, and I’m taking 4 classes throughout the course of the summer. I must be crazy. Surely.

I would say there is a delicate balance between school, work, my social life, blogging, fitness and my boyfriend at the moment. It’s such a delicate balance that some parts have abandoned ship entirely (such as the social life, blogging and as much as I hate to admit it, fitness). It’s not a good thing. I go to the gym on the weekends (when my boyfriend drags me), and stuff my nose in the my accounting book otherwise. I haven’t seen my best girlfriend in over a month (insert tear), and we all know how bad my blog updates have been lately… sheesh. I really need to work on that :/

Although the moments are few and far between, I still try to cram a lil fun into my weekends if possible. Like enjoying brunch out with my sweeti! We went to our fav spot Ella’s Cafe in Seminole Heights, Tampa, for a lil “Soul Food Sunday” action.

We dined on black bean veggie burgers with avocado relish and fried onions (what’s a veg girl to do when the only other options are BBQ ribs and fried chicken!?) :-o And also dabbled in a few choice side items such as the vegetarian collard greens, grits and homemade cornbread. Mmmmmm this meal was to die for! Truly!

We sipped on their mimosa special of the day, which was a combination of champagne, fresh watermelon juice and a splash of tequila. Dangerously delish. I made the mistake of popping a Zyrtec before the meal (I’ve had insufferable allergies these past few weeks–must be the pollen), and having three (yes, three!) mimosas before our food finally arrived. Let’s just say OTC allergy meds and alcohol do not mix very well. Correction, do not mix at all. I was shakey, feverish and nauseous for basically the remainder of the afternoon. It wasn’t too pretty. After a little internet browsing, my sweetheart of a man informed me that the allergy med website strongly advised against mixing alcohol with their product. I think they even used the phrase “potentially lethal” if I recall.

Huh. Who knew???

My new work schedule has taken a bit of getting used to, but now that I’m three weeks deep my body is starting to adjust. I have to be at work at 8:30 am every morning (eeeps!) so bedtime is usually around 10:30 these days. And trust me, I’m naturally a night owl so this has been an adjustment. I’ve been really good about packing my lunch for work every night before I go to bed, because I know it will be healthier and more planned out that way. So far it seems to be working. I sometimes go straight from work to class, so I try to bring along several snacks as well.

Most mornings start with a big green smoothie (typically spinach, kale, berries, melon and frozen banana) with Sunwarrior vanilla protein, flax oil, and a giant scoop of Green Vibrancy powder for extra vitamins and nutrients. Sometimes I throw in extra Spirulina for good measure too.

My lunches are usually pretty simple. I try to make veggies the focus, but I’ve noticed since I started my new job that I’ve been getting a little carb heavy lately, so moving forward I’m going to try to work on that :/ It’s a fine balance. I still have some pounds that I put on during my surgery recovery that I’d like to shed… but like I said, my fitness routine is taking a tole lately! Oyy!

This lunch had loads of fresh veggies including cucumbers, tomatoes and avocado, with a side of red pepper hummus for dipping. I also had a tempeh, veggie, brown rice and kale stir fry that I made for dinner the night before. I dressed the stir fry in a light ginger and tamari marinade that tasted delicioso for lunch leftovers! I also packed two brown rice cakes sandwiched with all natural peanut butter, an unsweetened applesauce and a Larabar. So this was a good lunch, but don’t get me wrong, if I don’t plan lunch out the night before I may just grab a bag of pita bread and a tub of hummus instead. (Not ideal, obviously)…

Overall the new job is going really well! Now if only I could get this darn summer school done and over with. Bah!

Did I ever mention my cat Phoebe is obsessed with popcorn? She begs for it. Seriously. Hilarious.


  1. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    you are so sweet. it was good to see you yesterday, if even for just a minute or two. thanks for the goodies xo real girl time after that test. love you !!!!

    • Lindsay says:

      It was good seeing you too doll face! Can’t wait to see the new place!!! :) Hope you are having fun nesting! teehee

  2. Laura says:

    Yuummm. We make veggie smoothies every morning. Do you buy your Vibrant Health Green Vibrance online? Amazon?

    • Lindsay says:

      Hey Laura, I get my Green Vibrance at a local health food store but I did a little browsing online for price comparison and it is cheaper on Amazon than what I pay at my local health food store, so I’d recommend that! I buy the large 25 oz. jug, and it gives me more for my money :)

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