Weekend highlights and giveaway winners!

The (not so great) highlights of my weekend include:

  •  2 solid days of accounting homework and online exams. On exam in particular took me almost 3 hours! Ugh!
  • Dropped my Droid in the sink (full of water)… Grrr! Still drying it out as I type this…
  • Pain in my knee returned full-throttle and I pretty much stayed counch-bound with ice packs for most of the weekend… ARRRRG!
  • My tarantula had a bad shed and lost one of her legs… Sniffle. This is actually not terribly uncommon for tarantulas, and she will likely regrow the leg back over the next 2 to 3 molting periods. But still, a gimpy spidey?? I’m kinda sad for her.

If you’ve never seen a tarantula shed (which is probably the majority of non-tarantual pet owners. ha!) it really is an interesting process. This is a picture I took during her last shed. They lie on their backs and slowly expel the exoskeleton off, revealing an entirely new body underneath. They shed everything including all of their legs, abdomen, pedipalps, spinnerets and even their fangs. It’s quite a traumatic and enduring process for the spider and sometimes things can go wrong if the spider is too stressed or the humidity is off in the tank. I’m placing my bets on humidity being the culprit but I’m crossing my fingers she pulls through.

But, in a positive note, my weekend had some up-sides too:

  • My bff from kindergarden had her baby on Friday night! A healthy and bouncing baby boy and I couldn’t be more proud of her as she enters into motherhood. (my uterus is still on hold though. heh.)
  • My student loans came through. It’s actually my first time taking out loans, I didn’t take any the first time I went through school. But I finally feel like a weight is lifted off my shoulders and I don’t have to worry about tuition money so much. ::::Sigh::::
  • My mother snagged me a new kitchen appliance last week (as an out-of-the blue I love you present. Those are the best aren’t they?) and I got to play around with it all weekend!

To tell you all that I was excited about this lil gift is the understatement of the century. I was THRILLED! The pathetic one on the right has been my go-to source for a food processor for the past… I dunno, 2 years? Although I am a huge fan of my hand-held immersion blender.

This lil guy and I have been through a lot ;) And yes, I have a green one! A Christmas present from a friend that knows me too well. But, alas, now I have the motherload! (Sorry you’ll have to excuse this crappy phone pic.) I’ve wanted one of these for awhile now but I’ve held back on making the splurge myself. I kept telling everyone all I wanted for a bday or Christmas gift was a food processor. But nobody got the hint until now. ha! And I didn’t even have to use up a holiday ;)

So far this weekend I’ve definitely started putting the mileage on her. I made some homemade dessert balls, raw cashew butter, spicy and delicious guacamole and I even just played around with it for awhile trying all of the different blades and functions. It really is an amazing machine. My mom knows the true way to my heart, and that is through my kitchen :)

If you’ve never made your own nut butters, it really is a breeze! Simply throw your nuts into the food processor and whiz away until things turn creamy. The whole process takes anywhere from 5-7 minutes. Adding a lil dab of oil can speed up the process. When it starts to clump like this you are about halfway there.

You may need to use a spatula to scrape the sides down a pit, but keep pulsing and eventually you will have a smooth and creamy butter. You can use any type of nut you like or a variety of nuts. I recommend buying them in their raw state to get the maximum amount of nutrients. Personally I prefer the taste of raw nut butters too. Serve your nut butter with a side of nanas and raisins for the perfect snack. ;)

I also enjoyed munching on homemade vegan pizza all weekend. I topped mine with tomato sauce, tomato slices, green peppers, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, spinach, pineapple and fresh jalepenos from the garden. It was sooo delish! I’m tellin’ you, you won’t even miss the cheese. There are so many flavors going on and the spiciness from the peppers and the sweetness of the pineapple are a delicious combination.

And finally, the winners of my fabulous summer giveaway! I decided to do this giveaway to celebrate all of my amazing readers and blog buddies out there as well as my one-year anniversary with my darling man-hunk, who I miss terribly! (Colorado-bound in a few weeks I hope!)

Random.org selected 2 winners for me. The winner of the Tervis Tumbler package is Lauren @ A Brooklyn Natural. Congrats Lauren! Please email me your address so I can get these out to you ASAP :)

The winner of the Lindsay-Phillips snap-thongs is Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean. Congrats girlie! You get to pick out your size and colorand email me your address so I can get your new sandals out to you ASAP :)

Also, I just wanted to thank you all for all of the sweet comments you left on my eating disorder recovery post. I’m not exactly sure what prompted me to post about that last week but it really came from the heart and I’m glad it was well received. I feel like I’ve come a long way in my recovery and I just wanted to share with you all my thoughts and introspective musings ;)

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