Weekend Bowling and Wholefoods Trip

This weekend was jam-packed for me! After arriving home from my Minnesota vacation on Friday afternoon, I was really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things with my normal routine before starting up work and classes on Monday. They say that it’s best to return from vacation at least 3 days prior to starting your normal schedule again. (They being some sort of experts? Hmmm…) I’m glad I didn’t cut it close and fly in on Sunday night because I would have missed out on some serious weekend fun =)

My girls were especially happy to have mama home.

Upon me returning home from long trips, they usually spend the first 5 minutes ignoring me and casting slightly evil kitty glares. How dare you leave us for so long mom! Almost 3 weeks this time! Btw I don’t leave them alone. Golly. But I do leave them at my mama’s where they have to deal with the long-haired furball queen-of-all-cat’s-and-rightfully-named Sheba. Oh, the torture!But then they give in and run over for kitty kisses and some cuddling. Sorry can’t get enough ;)

I also spent some time with my younger brother Jay, who didn’t get to come up north with our brother Matt and I because he was busy job interviewing and apartment hunting. Jay came over for some juicing action! I told him it was about time he lose his juicing virginity. (Btw I got him hooked on green smoothies too!)

My smart lil bro is a mechanical engineering major, about to graduate! (So proud of him!) I told him I’d really like to see him apply for jobs at VitaMix and Breville so I can get some of the perks. Is that too much to ask?? ;) A girl can dream right?

We enjoyed some freshly juiced cucumbers, red peppers, pears, lemon, apples and carrots. Delish.

Cheers! Then we headed out for some bowling action! We met up with my buddy Pete for some midnight cosmic bowling.

I may have started off fabulously, but in the end Pete kicked everyone’s ass. By a landslide. ::sigh:: When somebody is always overly anxious to go bowling, keep in mind they are probably pretty good at it. I couldn’t finish up my weekend without a Sunday afternoon trip to Whole Foods.

After emptying my wallet getting everything I wanted, I sat outside and enjoyed a delicious Trilogy Kombucha and  Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte Larabar (one of my favorites these days).

I tend to only hit up Whole Foods for specific items because I get almost all of my produce at the Farmer’s Market and I shop a local grocery chain for most pantry items. But there are always favorites that I can only find at my beloved WF, including what I picked up today: Kombucha (drank one, brought one home), Larabars, Coconut water, So Delicious cultured coconut milk (basically it’s dairy and soy free coconut yogurt. And it’s to die for. Trust me.), organic short grain brown rice (I’m obsessed with the texture and flavor of short grain, but I can’t find it anywhere besides WF! Grr!), J.A.S.O.N natural and organic apricot deodorant, Acai flavored Emergen-C’s (I take one of these before my hot yoga classes), organic flax seed oil (for smoothies), unsweetened shredded coconut, sesame seeds, chia seeds and barley.

But now the weekend is coming to a close and it’s back to reality tomorrow. Tomorrow I start classes again, and on Tuesday I start a new job! Yes, I’m adding another job to my crazy pile of jobs. I’ll keep you all updated as things progress but I’m really excited about this one because I’ll be working at a CPA firm. Hello business world, I embrace you! (Do I see new clothes shopping in the future? Why yes, yes I do.) It sure feels good to be home!

What’s do you look forward to most of all after returning home from vacay? Pets, loved ones, familiarity?

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