Weekend in Ocala

This past weekend my sweeti and I decided to take a road trip up to Ocala to visit my mama. It’s not too bad of a drive for us, and only takes about 1 1/2 hr. from Tampa. We knew that tropical storm Isaac was on its way, but we guessed that as long as we made it back by Sunday evening we would be okay, since the storm was predicted to pass the Sarasota and then Tampa area on Monday morning. (And the joke of the matter is that as I sit typing this on Monday afternoon there is nothing more than a light rain shower and 15 mph winds outside my house. But we both had off work today because of the storm, so go figure. Hurricane days in Florida are really party days in my opinion. hehe)

Before we started out on our road trip we had a tortoise-saving moment along one of the busiest streets near my boyfriend’s place in Tampa.

I don’t necessarily recommend swerving off a busy road during rush hour to save a gopher tortoise that was mere inches away from walking into traffic… but I never listen to common sense, so that is exactly what I did on Friday afternoon. And don’t worry, I used my hazard lights! ;) I put this big guy in a kitty carrier that I happened to have in my backseat, and then drove him to the nearest nature preserve to release him. I wouldn’t normally move a wild animal unless I was completely sure that its life was in danger, and in this case I was certain he was minutes away from becoming a tortoise pancake. We let my boyfriend’s beagle Frank give him a good sniff before we released him.

After operation tortoise rescue was complete, we headed up to Ocala just in time to meet my mama and Aunt Karen at a local Ocala pub for some live music!

My mom and aunt always seem to be the life of the party no matter where we are! My mom is honestly one of the goofiest people I know, and I love her even more for that! ;) She is the type that will start a conversation with just about anyone, and get up on the dance floor even if she is the only one dancing. I love it. Ever since she moved a few hours north of me I’ve realized that I can never take one moment we spend together for granted. It’s been a few months since we’ve seen each other so this trip was long overdue!

A little live guitar music at Mojo’s Grill in Ocala

The next morning we got up bright an early to make the downtown Farmer’s Market. It was a hot a humid Saturday morning but my mom convinced us the market was well worth it!

This sign drew me in immediately! I knew I had to try some homemade kombucha. Yumm!

I settled on the strawberry chia seed flavor, and was not disappointed! This stuff was delicious. Ten times better than any bottled variety, and I scored a giant mason jar full for only $5! (Considering the small bottles at Whole Foods are usually $3.79 ea. I considered that a bargain.) This only confirmed my thoughts that I definitely need to start making this myself at home.

My cute mama and my sweeti, who picked out a fabulous sweet potato crumble that we could not go home without!

This crumble was ah-mazing! I’m definitely going to try and repeat this recipe in my own kitchen.

My mom bought me this sprouting jar at the health food store nearby. I’ve started getting into sprouting lately, and I’ve been using my own make-shift sprouting jars at home with cheeseclothe. This one has a plastic lid with a mesh screen, that’s perfect for rinsing sprouts and ventilation. Can’t wait to try this lil guy! Keep your eyes open for future posts and maybe a youtube video on my sprouting adventures ;)

I spent most of Sunday afternoon scrapbooking our Minnesota trip. My mom and I had a ton of fun playing with these new smash book scrapbook albums by K&Company.

After a weekend full of laughs and good times, we decided to head home before tropical storm Isaac made landfall near southwest Florida. And as I mentioned, the storm definitely made less of an impression than we all expected. But here’s to hurricane days!!!! :)

~ Peace, Love & Veggies xo

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