My Engagement Story: Part 2

So, back to the lovey dovey details surrounding my Christmas engagement! If you need updated, My Engagement Story: Part 1 is posted here. After my sweetie proposed to me three days before Christmas, we decided the most intimate way for us to share our good news with loved ones was by doing it in person. Now, if you know me at all, you’d know how ridiculously difficult it was to contain my excitement after my sweetie popped the question. Although I’m guessing the task would be difficult for any female for that matter. But I had to keep the good news all to myself until we could make our rounds and tell our loved ones in person. It was damn near impossible! I was overly giddy, and being a girl and all, could not stop drooling over my ring. (duh!) But I held fast, and did not say a PEEP to anyone. No instagram, no facebook, no tweeting… nada! Not until our families heard our good news in person.

Lucky for me, the very night after our engagement we were scheduled to have a Christmas celebration with my Mama up in Ocala. So we made the drive the next morning and greeted my mom with hugs and kisses and our good news. She was overjoyed with happiness. I seriously think she is my man’s biggest fan, because she literally jumped up and down and squealed with excitement!

We had a wonderful night in Ocala celebrating our engagement and the Christmas holiday with my mama and her sweetie Rick, then we headed back to Tampa to have a second Christmas celebration with R’s family. They too were so very happy for us, and we had an amazing night sharing stories and pictures and discussing possible wedding ideas and our future plans over some amazing vegetarian Indian food. (Did I mention both his dad and sister are vegetarian, so there is always something yummy for me to eat at his parent’s house!)

His sister made us these cute lil bride and groom gingerbread men, and even Frank the beagle was worn out from all the commotion by the end of the night.

The very next morning (Christmas Eve) my sweeti and I flew out to Minnesota to tell the rest of my family our good news. My brothers were shocked more than anyone, (because R asked my dad’s permission over Thanksgiving, and we told my step-mom Leslie on speaker phone right after-the-fact) but their shock turned into crazy excitement and we celebrated with some bubbly! I’ll never forget my brother Nick’s comment: “this is gonna be one kick ass wedding!”

Why yes indeed, kick ass wedding here we come =)

We spent the next week enjoying family time, celebrating the holiday, and of course our engagement! Lots of time was spent on the snowmobile sleds, bundled up in the cabin sipping brandy & soy nogs ;) playing board games like Taboo, watching late night movies, and enjoying the last week of blissful time off before heading back to Tampa to start school and my new 50+ hr per week job. (Oyyy! Details on that later!)

 Bundled up like a snow bunny

 My sweetie and my brothers hiking through the snow

Snowmobiling with my sweetie

The view of my dad’s house from out on the frozen lake

A little relaxing by the fireplace, playing gin rummy and sipping chocolate peppermint tea

My all time favorite Soy Nog with brandy and nutmeg, while playing a game of Taboo!

Seriously, could he get any more handsome?? ;)

And that is how we broke the good news to our families! And don’t worry, after a few phone calls and texts to other close friends and family I finally made my social media announcements! Whew, how long did I have to contain myself NOT to flash my engagement ring all over instagram right away!? Well, for 3 long days, and it was gruesome! ;)

So in love, so content, & completely at peace. That’s true happiness. 

~ Peace, Love & Veggies xo


  1. Michelle says:

    Congratulations! This is such a wonderful, adorable, loving story and I really enjoyed reading it! You just absolutely exude happiness in your words and in your pictures. Congratulations again, I hope you too will have many more years of love and joy together :)

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