Hi there! I’m Lindsay–a 30 year-old newlywed living in Tampa, Florida. I started this blog a few years back because I fell in love with the healthy living blog community and the amazing and inspirational bloggers out there from all over the world! I believe in the power of healthy foods and exercise. Feeding my body good wholesome food is one of my top priorities. I also believe it is each of our duties to tread lightly on this beautiful planet while preserving and giving back to the environment as much as our hands and hearts can squeeze.


A tax accountant by day, I also consider myself an artist, environmentalist, animal-lover, bikram yoga addict, world traveler, nature-lover, & outdoor adventurist. I’m recently married, and adapting to life as a newlywed, with my amazing and wonderful hubby. Although most of my recipes are plant-based, our household is still a bit of a mix, since my hubby still craves the occasional carnivorous dish. I’m still figuring out the delicate balance of cooking meals to please us both!


I have always loved to cook and I’m also a huge foodie. I love experiencing new flavor combinations and textures, dining out, and experimenting in my own kitchen as much as I can. Over the years I have fallen even more in love with my cooking passion. I have found a new appreciation for vegetables and a whole foods diet. I have learned that cooking with whole foods is actually a lot more fun than I thought, because vegetables remind me of rainbows and I try to paint my canvas with as many colors as I possibly can. Most of my recipes are plant-based and free of refined sugar.


Mother Nature makes me smile and I’ve always loved being outdoors and staying active. I love the water–water sports, sailing, SCUBA diving, boating, just about anything. I also love hiking, skiing, fishing, camping, dancing, kickboxing, yoga and even the occasional run (something I’m getting a little better at each day!)


My blog tends to be speckled with my travels and outdoor adventures. My other passions include historical fiction novels, cheesy reality television, organic gardening, writing, singing karaoke (call me crazy but I love it), altered art and collage, and my two sister black cats, Phoebe & Nala.


I’ve had a lot of challenges in life, including battling a serious eating disorder in my teenage years, which I share the story of here. My journey towards health has been one of my more exciting challenges. After years of fighting my body, yo-yo dieting and utter confusion, I finally found something that works for me. It’s not that difficult–simple whole foods and exercise have done me wonders. I have seen my health improve, my weight finally maintain, and my sense of inner peace and well-being begin to glow.


It is my desire to share with others what life has brought me, and continues to bring. Life is a learning curve and I’m along for the ride!

Thanks for stopping by Green Food, Green Thumb!

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