Weekend in Ocala


This past weekend my sweeti and I decided to take a road trip up to Ocala to visit my mama. It's not too bad of a drive for us, and only takes about 1 1/2 hr. from Tampa. We knew that tropical storm Isaac was on its way, but we guessed that as long as we made it back by Sunday evening we would be okay, since the storm was predicted to pass the Sarasota and then Tampa area on Monday morning. (And the joke of the matter is that as I sit typing this on Monday afternoon there is nothing more than a … [Read more...]

A relaxing fourth of July


Happy 4th of July! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday, and relaxing and enjoying time with loved ones! All of my family is up North this time of year, so I'll be having my own quiet holiday (darn summer school kept me from getting up to Minnesota until August. bah!) But I am actually savoring a little relaxing solitude today. I just finished a huge accounting exam, so I can actually breathe for a few days until the new material starts. I finally found my nemesis in the accounting … [Read more...]

Summer School I Abhor You


Summer school has begun... dun dun dun. And I have senselessly packed my summer schedule with more classes than I can realistically handle. But alas, too late now, I'm just going to give it my best shot and run with it. Summer school is crazy because they pack an entire semester (about 16 weeks) worth of material into a condensed summer period (6 to 10 weeks, depending on the course). So instead of 1 or 2 chapters a week, each class covers 2, 3 or even 4 chapters a week. A WEEK! Oh yes, and … [Read more...]

Christmas dinner at Mom’s


Tonight is Christmas dinner at mama's house! I came over bright and early to start baking and helping out in the kitchen. I whipped up a vegan pineapple upside-down cake, and a variation on my chocolate banana bundt cake for dessert tonight. This bundt cake has a Christmasy twist, or as my mother would say, "Christmasish" <--- her favorite word. Tonight I used dark cocoa powder instead of regular, and used peppermint extract in the frosting instead of vanilla. I topped the cake … [Read more...]

Veggie pasta & homemade pesto


Thank you all for your sweet comments on my last post! Getting grandma into gear with healthier eating habits has been quite a rewarding experience (in just a week!). So far she is really sticking to the meal plans and snacks I've suggested (although I've still given her a lot of freedom to make her own choices). She's also doing a great job with her food journals! We sit down every few days and go over her food groups. She has increased her veggies and whole grains by several servings each day, … [Read more...]

Chocolate green monster smoothie


Do you ever wake up with a sweet tooth? Sometimes I wake up and crave something sweet and even chocolatey... so what's a girl to do? Reach for a sugary processed chocolate-flavored cereal? I don't think so! That's where a chocolatey smoothie comes into play. And believe it or not this baby is still packed full of protein, fiber, nutrients and... pssst... spinach! Chocolate Green Monster 3 c. fresh spinach 1 c. nondairy milk 1/2 c. soy vanilla yogurt 1 tbs. flax seed oil 2 … [Read more...]

Weekend Recap


This weekend was jam-packed for me! After arriving home from my Minnesota vacation on Friday afternoon, I was really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things with my normal routine before starting up work and classes on Monday. They say that it's best to return from vacation at least 3 days prior to starting your normal schedule again. (They being some sort of experts? Hmmm...) I'm glad I didn't cut it close and fly in on Sunday night because I would have missed out on some … [Read more...]

Weekend highlights and giveaway winners!

Weekend highlights and giveaway winners!

The (not so great) highlights of my weekend include: - 2 solid days of accounting homework and online exams. On exam in particular took me almost 3 hours! Ugh! - Dropped my Droid in the sink (full of water)... Grrr! Still drying it out as I type this... - Pain in my knee returned full-throttle and I pretty much stayed counch-bound with ice packs for most of the weekend... ARRRRG! - My tarantula had a bad shed and lost one of her legs... Sniffle.This is actually not terribly uncommon for … [Read more...]

A lil’ VLOG

Home sweet home. I'm back in Florida and reminiscing about my wonderful Colorado vacation. I put together a cute lil video of me with the horses to send my man-hunk (to make him miss me more, duh) and I thought I'd share. ;) Hope you  all have a wonderful week! Lots of yummy recipes to post this week and I'll be doing a couple of guest posts too. Fun stuff! :)  ~Peace, Love & Veggies xo[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYzDi-hfCWs]Oh yeah, and you'll have to excuse my I like to talk to … [Read more...]

When words aren’t enough…

When words aren't enough...

Take pictures!The poppies in full bloom in the gardenWe planted my beloved foxglove, so it now has a permanent home!Hummingbirds all day every day...Getting our hands dirty in the gardenSpending some time with the horsesShadow, the "bruiser"Dusk in the mountainsSocks, the 2-year-old phillyNow I'm off to enjoy my last weekend in the mountains!~Peace, Love & Veggies xoP.S. It's official. My blogroll didn't copy over to my new domain. It simply... disappeared. Now, someone want to explain that … [Read more...]