Sesame Ginger Cabbage Slaw


This coleslaw is mostly raw, packed full of delicious cancer-fighting nutrients, fiber and protein-packed edamame. It has an orange juice, ginger and vinaigrette dressing that leaves it low-fat and low calorie. It's also gluten free and mostly raw. This recipe is amazing. I sort of threw everything together one afternoon for a refreshing low-fat coleslaw, and I discovered it to be even better tasting after marinating in the fridge overnight. Enjoy! Sesame Ginger Cabbage Slaw by … [Read more...]

vegan quinoa cakes


Ever since I picked up Heidi Swanson's latest cookbook, Super Natural Every Day, I've been dying to make quinoa cakes. Heidi has an easy looking recipe, that has been calling my name for weeks and weeks. Her recipe, along with every other one I stumbled upon within the blogosphere, is vegetarian, and still incorporates eggs. So I knew I had to try my hand at vegan quinoa cakes. But what a surprise to me when my first recipe trial turned out perfect. I literally squealed in delight when I took my … [Read more...]

Veggie pasta & homemade pesto


Thank you all for your sweet comments on my last post! Getting grandma into gear with healthier eating habits has been quite a rewarding experience (in just a week!). So far she is really sticking to the meal plans and snacks I've suggested (although I've still given her a lot of freedom to make her own choices). She's also doing a great job with her food journals! We sit down every few days and go over her food groups. She has increased her veggies and whole grains by several servings each day, … [Read more...]

This is what happens…


This is what happens when a greens-lover discovers a local hydroponic picking farm with all-you-can-pick greens. She goes buck-wild. And the last time I did anything buck wild was probably college, so that's saying a lot. ;) I used to buy greens by the bunch. Now I hoard buy them by the pound. At around $1.50 a pound, I stock up until my little heart is content. Since the farm is about an hour drive for me, I'm sticking to bi-weekly trips. And this time around guess what was finally … [Read more...]

Crispy Sweet Potato Fries


After several days of my nose being glued to my books, I've finally come out of my shell and back to reality! Three tests in three days, and each test was 1/3 of my grade for the entire class. How's that for freakishly annoying prime numbers? Arg! But there is a calm after the storm and I'm trying to ease into it. I had my bff girl over for a dinner and a movie night for some de-stressing! I made these freakin' fabulous pull-me-out-of-my-funk sweet potato fries that you really must try. I … [Read more...]

Sweet Barley Salad


One of my favorite indulgences is stopping by Whole Foods  for a quick lunch in between work and classes. I love it because I know their standards for quality whole foods ingredients, and it's pretty darn easy to find some delicious vegan and vegetarian options. As it so happens our local WF is smack dab in the middle of my school campus and my new internship, so you can see how I'm easily swayed. But my wallet is having trouble keeping up with my cravings, so I decided to make some of the … [Read more...]

Cucumber Pear Juice & Siesta Lentil Salad


Now that I'm home from vacation, I am back to my daily juicing! (Something I missed terribly). I never thought I'd get so attached to my juicer but I sure do love that thing. I juice because I want to. I can. And I love it. Drinking fresh juice once or twice a day is a perfect energy and nutrient boost. I came up with a super simple and amazing combo yesterday. Cucumber, pear and lemon juice. Yep, it's that easy. I used 2 cukes, 2 pears, and juice from half a lemon. It comes out a … [Read more...]

What I Ate Wednesday

What I Ate Wednesday

Time for another fabulous link party hosted by Jenn over @ Peas and Crayons. :) This week has been jammed pack full of vacation shenanigans but I've still had lots of yummy eats. Yes, some have been healthier than others (like all of the onion rings and bloody marys I stuffed myself with on Monday. Oyy!), but I am on vacation so I try to enjoy! But as I mentioned earlier, there are still some good ways to stay on track with healthy eating while you are on vacay. One of the best things for me is … [Read more...]

Coconut Curry Rice and some north woods views

Coconut Curry Rice and some north woods views

There is something about a walk through the woods that makes me feel incredibly peaceful. It's a combination of the sights, the sounds and the smells that are so alluring. I wish I could capture that smell in a bottle and take it home with me :) Although I'm sure most of you would say the same thing about the sweet and salty sea shore that I call home!And you sure can't beat this gorgeous bike path! I take advantage as much as possible on my visits :)Makes you want to keep walking forever, … [Read more...]

Happy WIAW, some homemade salsa and then some…

Happy WIAW, some homemade salsa and then some...

Welcome to my WIAW :) vacation style!!I woke up this morning and my body was craving a green smoothie. So I indulged, and loved every minute of it! I've even turned my dad onto green smoothies these days. It's safe to say he is hooked!Ingredients: 2 c. fresh spinach, 1 c. kale, 1/2 c. cantaloupe, 1/4 c. chopped pineapple, 1 c. almond milk, 2 frozen bananas, 2 tbs. flax seed oil, 1/2 c fresh strawberries. Mix on high and enjoy! This breakfast is packed full of vitamins and nutrients and will … [Read more...]