New cookbooks & lychee fruit


A few weeks back I finally scooped up the new Oh She Glows Cookbook and I haven't been able to put it down since! Angela's recipes are so creative and tasty, even my hubby is loving these vegan eats! I finally experimented with cashew cream pasta sauce, and found a new favorite homemade veggie burger. After pouring over every single recipe in this book I ended up playing around with her sauces and dressings most of all. Who doesn't love a tasty and healthy dressing to slather all over a big bowl … [Read more...]

Some Book Reviews

Some Book Reviews

Although I got my sweaty lil hands on this cookbook earlier this week, I decided to wait until I had completely read it to post up a review. That's the way reviews usually work anyway, right? Usually I just love to announce that I'm reading something and say, so far, so good! But that's hardly appropriate for book reviews. So I'm changing up my method. I finished two books this week so I am going to review them for you all. You're welcome. ;)Let me preface by telling you how eager and excited I … [Read more...]

A few snips & snails…

A few snips & snails...

Snips & Snails & Veggie Tales. hehe. What do you guys think of my new header? I was kind of sick of the old one. Plus it was super bland and plain. I knew when I named my blog back in November that I'd eventually make a cuter more appropriate header. (I wanted a pic of green high highs sooo badly. Thank you istock you rock my world.) ;)Today was a loooooong day. But when I finally got home I squealed with delight at the sight of an amazon package waiting for me on the kitchen counter. … [Read more...]

Happy Herbivore Cookbook Giveaway

I'm super excited to share a special giveaway with my blog readers. After taking part in Happy Herbivore's "blog book tour" the publisher has graciously given me the opportunity to participate in a book giveaway. So with that very special reader will get their very own copy of my new favorite vegan cookbook, Happy Herbivore. Blog giveaways are kinda quirky things if you ask me, but overall I think it's a neat idea. For one thing, as a "baby blog" still in my toddler/crawling phase, … [Read more...]

Teriyaki Bean Stuffed Acorn Squash

I have most recently discovered my love for squash. It is yummy, comforting, filling, flavorful and versatile. I could eat squash everyday for two weeks, and have a different kind every day if I wanted. Winter Squash such as Carnival, Kabocha, Spaghetti, Butternut and Acorn have been suddenly appearing in my kitchen more frequently. In the past I tended to avoid squash. In my carb-conscious calorie-counting days squash scared me. Why? I have no clue to be honest. Possibly because I associated it … [Read more...]

Interview with author Lindsay Nixon, from Happy Herbivore

If you haven't heard of Happy Herbivore yet, shame on you. hehe. ;) I know I've been ranting and raving all week about my new cookbook Happy Herbivore by Lindsay Nixon, and all of the delicious low-fat vegan recipes she features. Well Lindsay decided to do a "blog book tour" so I jumped right in and sent her some interview questions, which I'm excited to share with you here. :)BiographyLindsay S. Nixon is a rising star in the culinary world, praised for her ability to use everyday ingredients to … [Read more...]

Low-fat, Chocolate, Zucchini Muffins – Oh my!

These little muffins are gems! Seriously, I think they taste better than wedding cake. In fact, when I get married, I want a whole tier of my cake to be this exact recipe. No joke. Let me add that they are vegan, low-fat (absolutely no oil in the recipe), and healthy (pumped full of whole grain flour and freshly grated zucchini!). OMG they are to die for. The recipe is another one from Happy Herbivore's cookbook. It's definitely my favorite one so far.Plus, Happy Herbivore gives out the recipe … [Read more...]

Black bean burgers & homemade french fries

I made this meal mostly for my sweetie. We've been eating a lot of salads, grilled veggies, fruit, brown rice, cous cous, etc. so far this week (my typical fare) and I wanted to create a hearty delicious vegan meal for him that I know he will remember for days after and maybe even... brag about! ;) The black bean burgers were inspired by Happy Herbivore's recipe. They turned out pretty dang good but I would like to experiment more in the future with adding more veggies like corn, carrots and … [Read more...]

High Altitude Baking Challenge

I'm currently enjoying a little R&R with my man out in beautiful, wintery white Colorado. I've been spending the afternoons taking some beautiful walks through the mountains and of course in the kitchen! He lives at 10,000 ft. so baking can be a bit of a challenge. I'm still refining my high altitude cooking skills. Here are come tips I've picked up from some websites and asking around. At higher elevations there is a decrease in pressure and oxygen in the air. The air is a heck of a lot … [Read more...]

New book , new thoughts…

New book , new thoughts...

Raw Fusion-Better Living Through Living Foods by Linda Joy Rose, PhD. I came across this little gem through some web surfing. After reading the reviews and finding out the author lives in Tampa, FL a short 40 min away from me, I had to snatch it up! Raw Eating has peaked my interest in the past couple of months. Although I love to cook, I think incorporating as many Raw foods into our diets has absolute maximum health benefits. And to be honest, I still feel like a chef when I'm making raw … [Read more...]