A back country skiing workout

I found a new favorite. For the first time ever I went back country skiing. Now, being from Florida this may seem like not much of a surprise that I've never been... but truthfully I grew up visiting family in the backwoods of Minnesota and spent several of my grade school years living out in Park City, Utah, so I've actually been on snow skis since I could walk. I love downhill skiing. Love, love, love it. But, the mountain is super packed this week, tickets start at $100 a day, and I left my … [Read more...]

A walk through the mountains

I've been taking some beautiful walks lately, while visiting my sweetie in Fairplay, CO. Btw it's a teeny tiny town with one stoplight, located in Park County... where the creators of the famous cartoon South Park are from and base their show. Weird fact. It's about 30 min away from beautiful Breckenridge. Surrounding the house are some beautiful gravel roads winding in and out of the mountains. I love taking the dog out in the morning for about an hour or more long walk.Here is a peek of my … [Read more...]

Breaking up, hard to do?

Have you ever tried breaking up with a gym? It is next to impossible. I think it was more time consuming and energy-sucking than my last real break-up. ha.First I had to call said establishment and be put on hold for 10 minutes while I was directed to a Membership Coordinator. Then Mr. Membership Coordinator proceeded to ask me about a billion question on Why I was leaving? What did they do wrong? What were my plans for the future? Did I know I was eligible for a possible membership savings … [Read more...]