Weekend in Ocala


This past weekend my sweeti and I decided to take a road trip up to Ocala to visit my mama. It's not too bad of a drive for us, and only takes about 1 1/2 hr. from Tampa. We knew that tropical storm Isaac was on its way, but we guessed that as long as we made it back by Sunday evening we would be okay, since the storm was predicted to pass the Sarasota and then Tampa area on Monday morning. (And the joke of the matter is that as I sit typing this on Monday afternoon there is nothing more than a … [Read more...]

A bit of a funk


I have had a rough few weeks. You know what they say, when it rains, it pours. Oyyy! My stress load has been a combination of financial issues, frustrations with my job, cramming in studying for exams and trying to get my physical fitness back in gear after my surgery recovery. It's been quite a load to handle. In addition to everything going on in my life I've had some horrible body image issues lately. I just haven't been feeling that good about myself. You know the feeling, when you … [Read more...]

Mom’s birthday at Columbia Restaurant


Last weekend was my amazing mama dearest's birthday! We all rallied and headed up to St. Petersburg pier for a relaxing and quiet evening at The Columbia Restaurant, a family favorite. One of Florida's oldest restaurants, dating back to a small pub in 1905, the Columbia is still family-run (5th generation!) It has blossomed into an extravagant and decadent dining establishment, serving top-quality Spanish and Cuban cuisine, with 5 Florida locations. They offer a delicious assortment of … [Read more...]

This week I’m loving…


Well since I'm behind in blogging I'll just give you all an update! This week I'm loving... Gorgeous Florida fall weather. It seriously can't be beat. Fall weather doesn't really hit us until November, so the cool nights and breezy fall days have just started creeping in... and I love it! An excuse to wear cute sweaters? Yes please! Year-round fresh produce! My dad always complains during this time of year when the Minnesota Farmer's Markets shut down and he has to hit up the grocery … [Read more...]

You know you are in the Midwest when…

You know you are in the Midwest when...

Taking the cousins out for pizza requires bathing suits and loading up in the pontoon boat for a ride on the lake.You can stay in the water all afternoon and not worry about alligators or sharks but your biggest worry is getting chiggers, lil lake bugs that get under your skin and make you itch like crazy!A summer afternoon out with the girls requires a boat, some sunscreen, and a cooler of beer :)The sun doesn't go down til late and you can enjoy all day and evening up and down the chain of … [Read more...]

A wedding to remember

A wedding to remember

The wedding was fabulous! It was truly a weekend to remember. I watched my best friend walk down the aisle and marry the man of her dreams. I'm so thrilled I was able to be a part of their very special day, and here are a few photos to recap.Her dress was stunning and she was the most beautiful bride ever. I teared up when I finally saw the dress on! I couldn't believe how gorgeous she looked. She was breathtaking! I wish Sarah and Richard a wonderful and happy life together. I'm sure there will … [Read more...]

A Friday Fun Post

A Friday Fun Post

Okay time for a fun post! Several weeks ago I got a super sweet bloggie award from Alaina Rose @ Sweetness of Life.The fun part about this is that I get to share some crazy info about myself that some of you all might not know, as well as pass the award onto others. The rules of the Stylish Blogger award are as follows: 1. Share 7 things about yourself. 2. Tag some fellow bloggers. 3. Contact bloggers and let them know you tagged them. Okay... easy enough! I share a lot about myself on … [Read more...]

Bridal Party Highlights

Bridal Party Highlights

After weeks of planning and two solid days in the kitchen--cooking appetizers, dinner and desserts for 25 guests--I threw my best girlfriend a bridal shower that she'll never forget! The Queen of Hearts bridal party was a success! Here is a photo glimpse of the food, the fun and the guests. Enjoy!Making my eggplant stuffed mushrooms. Day two in the kitchen, I had to throw on comfy shoes. My feet were killing me!Putting finishing touches on the cupcakes, a few hours before the party. I revised my … [Read more...]