Some Book Reviews

Some Book Reviews

Although I got my sweaty lil hands on this cookbook earlier this week, I decided to wait until I had completely read it to post up a review. That's the way reviews usually work anyway, right? Usually I just love to announce that I'm reading something and say, so far, so good! But that's hardly appropriate for book reviews. So I'm changing up my method. I finished two books this week so I am going to review them for you all. You're welcome. ;)Let me preface by telling you how eager and excited I … [Read more...]

What’s in your spice drawer?

What's in your spice drawer?

I'm the type of girl that will tote spices along when I travel, or sometimes even into a restaurant. Call me crazy, I know... But I don't much care for bland food and since I follow a primarily vegan diet I like to jazz up my plate with a little dab of this or a dab of that. (Okay so the only spice I actually carry in my purse is red pepper flakes but sometimes I wish I could bring more!)Don't get me wrong, I can truly appreciate the natural flavor of an unseasoned bowl of brown rice, a baked … [Read more...]

Farmer’s Market Goodies and then some…

Farmer's Market Goodies and then some...

Happy Farmer's Market Day! My favorite day of the week! Today I stocked up on some yummy fruits and veggies for the house. What a spread baby!Believe it or not, I stocked up on all of these goodies for about $40... And there are tons of fruits and veggies here, some are stacked on top of each other and not as visible, but TRUST me, I loaded up! There are two ginormous bunches of swiss chard kind of hiding in the back--can't WAIT to get my hands on those greens.Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. I … [Read more...]

Crazy Sexy Cancer by Kris Carr

My brothers came over for dinner tonight (yippee! I hardly ever get to see them being that they are both in college in Orlando...) and we got on the subject of my vegan diet, Raw eating and juicing. (Btw for dinner I made stuffed portobello mushroom caps, roasted beets with walnuts and southwestern veggie stew... so yumm and they LOVED it!) Anyway so we were talking about how nutrition really does affect how you look, how you feel and how your body functions at its maximum capacity. Both of my … [Read more...]

New book , new thoughts…

New book , new thoughts...

Raw Fusion-Better Living Through Living Foods by Linda Joy Rose, PhD. I came across this little gem through some web surfing. After reading the reviews and finding out the author lives in Tampa, FL a short 40 min away from me, I had to snatch it up! Raw Eating has peaked my interest in the past couple of months. Although I love to cook, I think incorporating as many Raw foods into our diets has absolute maximum health benefits. And to be honest, I still feel like a chef when I'm making raw … [Read more...]

Books I want…

Books I want...

Currently on my list of "want books" are the following...and for some reason for each of these I want the real live thing... not gonna settle for a Nook download this time baby. I want to hold it, share it, loan it, read it again, see the pictures, get them messy with batter while I'm cooking, dribble crumbs on them while on the couch reading... you get the idea :)Super Natural Every Day by Heidi SwansonThis book isn't actually being released until April, but I can assure you I am already … [Read more...]

Skinny Bitchin’

Sometimes I feel like I need a reminder, or perhaps just a swift kick in the behind, about why I dedicate myself to Green Livin' and Green Eatin'. It is usually when I am watching the Food Network. Oh how I love the Food Network. Or did. I'm not sure which. But since my Veggie journey began (almost a year ago now) my interest for the Food Network has filtered down a bit because the shows I used to love-- Iron Chef, Chopped, Top Chef, etc. kind of discourage me now. I don't enjoy watching meat … [Read more...]

The China Study

The China Study

I just started reading The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Thomas Campbell, MD. I noticed the book had some truly fabulous reviews and I was ready for some new reading material. Thanks to my sweet mother, with a click of a button I downloaded it on my new Nook :) (Christmas present) <---LOVE it! The book is authored by the famous Dr. T. Colin Campbell and co-authored by his son. Dr. Campbell grew up on a dairy farm, studied veterinary medicine and later on nutritional health and … [Read more...]