Vegan Chocolate Banana Muffins


I am a huge fan of bananas. It's safe to say I enjoy a banana or two every day. Whether it's for a quick on-the-go snack, added to smoothies, smothered in nut butter, whipped up in the food processor for banana soft serve, added to chia pudding, or snuck into baked goods... I'll put a lil nana in just about anything! But I'm kinda weird when it comes to bananas. I do not enjoy them very ripe. In fact, I prefer them with a lil green around the edges, and absolutely no brown spots! blah! But … [Read more...]

Movin’ on up!


Oh Blog land I've missed you these past few weeks... What happens when you leave your Mac pro charger at your boyfriend's house up in Tampa on a Sunday night? Well, I'll tell you what happens. Your Mac pro dies around Monday evening and sputters its last lil breath. And then you are without your precious laptop until the following weekend when you can venture back up to Tampa to see your sweetie and reclaim your laptop charger. Story of my life. I hated being without my laptop all week, … [Read more...]

This week I’m loving…


Well since I'm behind in blogging I'll just give you all an update! This week I'm loving... Gorgeous Florida fall weather. It seriously can't be beat. Fall weather doesn't really hit us until November, so the cool nights and breezy fall days have just started creeping in... and I love it! An excuse to wear cute sweaters? Yes please! Year-round fresh produce! My dad always complains during this time of year when the Minnesota Farmer's Markets shut down and he has to hit up the grocery … [Read more...]

Put the carrot in the coconut…

Put the carrot in the coconut...

... and shake it all up! ;)I realize the blogosphere has been quite speckled with carrot-cakes eats this week, but alas, I haven't gotten my lil mini carrot cake muffins recipe posted yet so I might as well throw it out at the last minute.Although I came across LOTS of yummy carrot cake treats on my blog surfing, I decided to make up my own recipe for this one because I wanted to do something different. I've been cooking a lot with coconut oil in the past few weeks, as I mentioned in a previous … [Read more...]

Vegan cupcakes made with juicing pulp

Vegan cupcakes made with juicing pulp

Happy Friday everyone! Today was day 5 for me on Crazy Sexy Diet. Now, as some of you know, this isn't a diet per say, it's more of a cleanse. I've omitted alcohol, sugar and gluten for a few weeks to give my body and digestive system a bit of a break. Aside from my normal wholesome vegan meals I've been incorporating tons of juicing and green monster smoothies as well, and I've really been feeling wonderful. I think I owe that mostly to the omitted sugar and alcohol. ;) The reason I started … [Read more...]

Low-fat, Chocolate, Zucchini Muffins – Oh my!

These little muffins are gems! Seriously, I think they taste better than wedding cake. In fact, when I get married, I want a whole tier of my cake to be this exact recipe. No joke. Let me add that they are vegan, low-fat (absolutely no oil in the recipe), and healthy (pumped full of whole grain flour and freshly grated zucchini!). OMG they are to die for. The recipe is another one from Happy Herbivore's cookbook. It's definitely my favorite one so far.Plus, Happy Herbivore gives out the recipe … [Read more...]

High Altitude Baking Challenge

I'm currently enjoying a little R&R with my man out in beautiful, wintery white Colorado. I've been spending the afternoons taking some beautiful walks through the mountains and of course in the kitchen! He lives at 10,000 ft. so baking can be a bit of a challenge. I'm still refining my high altitude cooking skills. Here are come tips I've picked up from some websites and asking around. At higher elevations there is a decrease in pressure and oxygen in the air. The air is a heck of a lot … [Read more...]

Carmel-Apple Spice Cupcakes

Carmel-Apple Spice Cupcakes

Mmmmmm these are delicious! I got inspired while flipping through my cookbook Veganomicon, and this recipe certainly caught my eye. I tweaked a few things (used whole wheat flour instead of white and added a few more spices) but overall stuck to the recipe. The cupcakes are vegan--made without any dairy or eggs, nutritious and DELICIOUS.Ingredients:2 tart, firm cooking apples (I used Granny Smith)2 Tbs. organic brown sugar1 Tbs. Earth Balance Vegan Spread (Vegan margarine)1 c. soy milk1 Tbs. … [Read more...]