Oh She Glows Cookbook Review

A few weeks back I finally scooped up the new Oh She Glows Cookbook and I haven’t been able to put it down since! Angela’s recipes are so creative and tasty, even my hubby is loving these vegan eats! I finally experimented with cashew cream pasta sauce, and found a new favorite homemade veggie burger. After pouring over every single recipe in this book I ended up playing around with her sauces and dressings most of all. Who doesn’t love a tasty and healthy dressing to slather all over a big bowl of greens? Or better yet, a flavorful sauce or marinade to add a little extra kick to an otherwise bland dish? Most of her dressings use repeat ingredients, so after adding a few things to my fridge and pantry that I didn’t have on hand, I’ve been able to make nearly every sauce and dressing in her book. My favorite? The lemon tahini goddess dressing is absolutely delicious and I’ve drizzled it on everything from beans and rice to homemade veggie burgers. So yumm!

I’m also really digging her homemade granola…


I’ve made almost half a dozen granola batches by now, it disappears quickly in our house! It keeps fresh in the fridge or freezer.


Her homemade veggie burgers use grated sweet potato for extra moisture, which really adds a nice flavor to this burger. Also the incorporation of sunflower seeds added a surprising crunch.

I’ve been making homemade nut milk almost weekly since I scooped up the Oh She Glows Cookbook. Angela has various nut milk recipes on her blog and my absolute favorite is the Carmel Vanilla Bean Hazelnut. It’s the perfect addition to a nice french press of freshly roasted coffee. Homemade nut milk tends to separate in coffee, but I solve that problem by keeping a small teaspoon in my coffee cup so that I can stir ever few minutes. No biggie ;)


My hubby and I have been enjoying fresh lychees off the lychee trees in my in-laws backyard. They have a harsh outer peel, so I usually peel an entire bowl before setting them down on the table to enjoy with breakfast or lunch.



This variety of lychee has a particularly large seed (forgive me, I don’t know the exact variety–shame on me). I found that it works better to actually bite into the fruit and tear it away from the seed, rather than stick a whole lychee in your mouth and try to suck off the fruit (like you would a cherry). The later method doesn’t work too well since the inner membrane closest to the seed holds a really tight grip. I can’t believe I’m advocating an actual method for eating a piece of fruit, but trust me, it works so much better. I love the flavor of lychees, and lychee cocktails are another summer must-have!

Have you ever tried lychee fruit? It’s so tasty! On that note, think I might try to whip up a lychee cocktail :)

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  1. Jill says:

    So glad to see your cooking and blogging once more- we all missed you and your healthy scrumptious goodies made from your fav cookbooks! Please continue- such inspiration! I LOVE her Veggie burger recipe; so yummy and moist!

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