New cookbooks & lychee fruit


A few weeks back I finally scooped up the new Oh She Glows Cookbook and I haven't been able to put it down since! Angela's recipes are so creative and tasty, even my hubby is loving these vegan eats! I finally experimented with cashew cream pasta sauce, and found a new favorite homemade veggie burger. After pouring over every single recipe in this book I ended up playing around with her sauces and dressings most of all. Who doesn't love a tasty and healthy dressing to slather all over a big bowl … [Read more...]

Sesame Ginger Cabbage Slaw


This coleslaw is mostly raw, packed full of delicious cancer-fighting nutrients, fiber and protein-packed edamame. It has an orange juice, ginger and vinaigrette dressing that leaves it low-fat and low calorie. It's also gluten free and mostly raw. This recipe is amazing. I sort of threw everything together one afternoon for a refreshing low-fat coleslaw, and I discovered it to be even better tasting after marinating in the fridge overnight. Enjoy! Sesame Ginger Cabbage Slaw by … [Read more...]

My Ode to Sriracha Sauce


Beautiful color. Beautiful bottle. Beautiful name. Amazingness. Who, me? Why yes, you, my dear Sriracha sauce. My lover. My friend.  I will slap this stuff on pretty much anything that hits my plate if the bottle is within my arm's reach. It's delicious on rice and veggies, sandwiches, wraps, in soups, drizzled over pizza, sushi and salads... you name it, I've tried it. My younger brother Matt is equally obsessed. I think I've even seen him put it on pancakes before. … [Read more...]

Veggie pasta & homemade pesto


Thank you all for your sweet comments on my last post! Getting grandma into gear with healthier eating habits has been quite a rewarding experience (in just a week!). So far she is really sticking to the meal plans and snacks I've suggested (although I've still given her a lot of freedom to make her own choices). She's also doing a great job with her food journals! We sit down every few days and go over her food groups. She has increased her veggies and whole grains by several servings each day, … [Read more...]

Homemade marinara and vacation R&R

Homemade marinara and vacation R&R

Up until a couple of years ago, I was an avid fan of store-bought marinara sauce. Its easy, it's decently good, and it sure beats the work of the homemade variety. But the really good organic jars are kind of pricey. That's when I discovered that it's pretty easy, and a lot cheaper, to make your own "slightly-homemade" marinara using jars of plain organic tomatoes and some trimmings. Plus, the taste is sooo much better than anything store-bought. This is my go-to recipe for homemade marinara. … [Read more...]

Online shopping and Stir-fry eats

Online shopping and Stir-fry eats

Today I happily answered the doorbell to the UPS man! Yay! Packages! Love, love, love :) I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my latest Ruelala purchase. First of all, if you haven't heard of Ruelala, shame on you! It is an online shopper's dream. They feature a select few designer boutiques each and every day with a limited number of items but at major discount prices. By limited number I mean the boutique opens at 11 am and sometimes popular items can be sold out by 11:30 am. But they tell … [Read more...]

Stir Fry & Spring Rolls

Stir Fry & Spring Rolls

Last night I decided to make a yummy dinner to enjoy with my mama. And per her request, I whipped up some fresh veggie spring rolls. She specifically went out to get some ingredients I requested such as rice noodles, rice wrappers,  edamame, cilantro and daikon (Japanese radish), so of course I had to indulge her. :) I make these little suckers all the time, but each time they turn out different and that is the beauty of it.Fresh Spring rollsIngredients:Rice wrappers (if you can't find these in … [Read more...]

Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce

Sweet 'N Sour Sauce

Last night I was craving stir-fry, but I wanted to do something different than my traditional homemade teriyaki sauce. I looked in the fridge and saw the large pitcher of fresh-squeezed tangerine juice from my grandmother's citrus trees and an idea popped into my head. How about sweet and sour stir-fry? I googled homemade sweet and sour sauce to get the basic framework for the recipe and altered it a bit. Here's what I came up with!Sweet and Sour Tofu Stir FryIngredients:1 pack extra firm tofu, … [Read more...]

Teriyaki Bean Stuffed Acorn Squash

I have most recently discovered my love for squash. It is yummy, comforting, filling, flavorful and versatile. I could eat squash everyday for two weeks, and have a different kind every day if I wanted. Winter Squash such as Carnival, Kabocha, Spaghetti, Butternut and Acorn have been suddenly appearing in my kitchen more frequently. In the past I tended to avoid squash. In my carb-conscious calorie-counting days squash scared me. Why? I have no clue to be honest. Possibly because I associated it … [Read more...]

Superbowl Party Stir Fry

Superbowl Party Stir Fry

What is an easy, yummy Vegan meal to make for a group of non-Vegan hungry people? Well, stir fry always comes to mind for me. It is easy to make a large amount of food and usually gets gobbled right up. It does requires a little prep work (chop chop) but then you can sit back, relax and watch the game until halfway through 2nd quarter if you are aiming for a half-time dinner hour :)It took me about 20 min to prep so I started chopping up veggies before kick off.Ingredients:1 lg. sweet onion, … [Read more...]