Summer School I Abhor You


Summer school has begun... dun dun dun. And I have senselessly packed my summer schedule with more classes than I can realistically handle. But alas, too late now, I'm just going to give it my best shot and run with it. Summer school is crazy because they pack an entire semester (about 16 weeks) worth of material into a condensed summer period (6 to 10 weeks, depending on the course). So instead of 1 or 2 chapters a week, each class covers 2, 3 or even 4 chapters a week. A WEEK! Oh yes, and … [Read more...]

This is what happens…


This is what happens when a greens-lover discovers a local hydroponic picking farm with all-you-can-pick greens. She goes buck-wild. And the last time I did anything buck wild was probably college, so that's saying a lot. ;) I used to buy greens by the bunch. Now I hoard buy them by the pound. At around $1.50 a pound, I stock up until my little heart is content. Since the farm is about an hour drive for me, I'm sticking to bi-weekly trips. And this time around guess what was finally … [Read more...]

Chocolate green monster smoothie


Do you ever wake up with a sweet tooth? Sometimes I wake up and crave something sweet and even chocolatey... so what's a girl to do? Reach for a sugary processed chocolate-flavored cereal? I don't think so! That's where a chocolatey smoothie comes into play. And believe it or not this baby is still packed full of protein, fiber, nutrients and... pssst... spinach! Chocolate Green Monster 3 c. fresh spinach 1 c. nondairy milk 1/2 c. soy vanilla yogurt 1 tbs. flax seed oil 2 … [Read more...]

What I Ate Wednesday link party


Sometimes Living Social makes me so incredibly happy. For example when they feature one of my favorite stores or vendors, like yesterday's feature--Whole Foods! But sometimes they really piss me off when it's a measly amount like $10 for $20 worth of goods. Arg. What's the deal!? But my $10 savings did buy me a glorious jar of organic pure maple syrup so I guess that's a score ;) But who can go into WF and come out with only a jar of maple syrup? Not this girl apparently. I also … [Read more...]

Good Eats. Good Treats.


Hello lovlies! I hope you all had a fabulous labor day weekend! Even though I spent most of my labor day weekend laboring... grrr... I did get to squeeze in a little R&R and yummy eats! I had a huge sweet tooth this weekend, so I scooted my butt into the kitchen and did some baking. I don't exactly consider myself an expert baker, but I love it nonetheless. However, sometimes things don't turn out the way I plan... I tried making these cherry almond cookies from Vegan Cookies Invade Your … [Read more...]

New shoes cure the blues!

New shoes cure the blues!

In honor of kale week I've been starting every morning with a delicious kale smoothie. If you haven't tried kale in smoothies I don't blame you for hesitating. It sounds strange, and once upon a time I crinkled my nose at the thought. But nowadays, green smoothies are my fuel and my energy and I hardly let a day go by without one! :)If you are new to green smoothies the best green to start with is spinach, because it is so mild and you won't taste it when it's combined with fruits. After you get … [Read more...]



Spirulina is a lil' bit of magic in a bottle. (heh) Actually it's a microscopic blue-green algae that is cultivated around the world and used as a dietary supplement, sold in both tablet and powder form. I have taken this supplement off and on since becoming a vegetarian last year, but I ran out a couple of weeks ago and finally replaced my supply yesterday--inspiring this blog post :) I bought a Hawaiian spirulina powder, and have been adding it to my green smoothies in the morning and … [Read more...]

Green Smoothies & Beet Juice

Green Smoothies & Beet Juice

Green smoothies are energy in a cup. Seriously, I didn't quite believe it until I tried it. Kris Carr preaches the benefits of green juicing and green smoothies in her latest book Crazy Sexy Diet. Up until recently I had been putting greens in my smoothies and juices but I still kept the ratio about 60% fruit (blueberries, strawberries, papaya, pears, peaches and bananas are some of my favs) and about 40% greens (usually spinach, romaine, kale, collards and/or swiss chard). Well recently, after … [Read more...]



So I have been on a real smoothie kick lately. I was inspired through a blog I've been following lately, Kristen's Raw. She gives tons of healthy juicing and smoothie ideas. I don't follow a true Raw Diet, but I try to incorporate as many raw fruits and veggies into my diet as possible because there are SO many more nutrients and enzymes in raw foods. yumm. For more info on Raw eating read this article. Anyway, the smoothie thing works perfect for me because my life is so chaotic and they are … [Read more...]