Weekend in Ocala


This past weekend my sweeti and I decided to take a road trip up to Ocala to visit my mama. It's not too bad of a drive for us, and only takes about 1 1/2 hr. from Tampa. We knew that tropical storm Isaac was on its way, but we guessed that as long as we made it back by Sunday evening we would be okay, since the storm was predicted to pass the Sarasota and then Tampa area on Monday morning. (And the joke of the matter is that as I sit typing this on Monday afternoon there is nothing more than a … [Read more...]

Minnesota Vacation Part 2


Enjoying being out on the lake with my sweetie and dad's dog Ziggy Going for a boat ride with the cousins!  My sweeti learning how to wakeboard ;) And he's up! A bit shaky, but still up! Cruising around I was probably the only vegetarian at this midwest beef feed! It's a huge fundraiser for the local volunteer fire department and my entire family goes every year, so I tagged along to be social. I had a plate full of delicious corn on the cob!!  Cruising the lake at … [Read more...]

Minnesota Vacation


Just a few pics of our Minnesota vacation so far... My dad's house, view from the boat on the lake The lake front, docks and fire pit My sweeti getting ready to head out for a boat ride Small fishing boat in Pleasant Lake We took the fishing boat out for a romantic boat ride at dusk Dad's backyard at dusk My dad and his lil lake dog Ziggy Back of the house I got this cute lil sign for my dad and step-mom for their first year anniversary last year A true … [Read more...]

Vegan Chocolate Banana Muffins


I am a huge fan of bananas. It's safe to say I enjoy a banana or two every day. Whether it's for a quick on-the-go snack, added to smoothies, smothered in nut butter, whipped up in the food processor for banana soft serve, added to chia pudding, or snuck into baked goods... I'll put a lil nana in just about anything! But I'm kinda weird when it comes to bananas. I do not enjoy them very ripe. In fact, I prefer them with a lil green around the edges, and absolutely no brown spots! blah! But … [Read more...]

Love the Life You Live


Is it just me or is summer really flying by? I can't believe July has nearly passed us already! It's more than halfway over and I wish it would never end. The only thing I'm happy to see out of my sight is summer school! We've had some very humid and hot weather here in Florida, but we've also had a lot of rain which helps to cool things down. My sweeti and I spent all of last weekend enjoying the beach and having our own little "staycation". We headed down to Longboat Key, for an ocean swim and … [Read more...]

Blueberry pickin’ is the life for me


I should be celebrating!!  Tax season is officially over and I can finally breathe again. Hahaha, just kidding, actually my boss is the one who can breathe again. But I have a feeling I will be uttering these words many many times throughout the course of my life! My favorite part is that another semester is almost over, which means I'm getting closer and closer until the end! I could be sitting for my CPA exam as early as next summer. My how the time has flown by. When I first decided to go … [Read more...]

A Birthday Road Trip!


I had a truly fabulous birthday celebration last weekend! It just so happened that my birthday fell smack dap in the middle of my spring break, and my sweetheart of a man had some time off as well, so we took a mini vacay! We headed over to Florida's east coast to visit St. Augustine, one of the oldest continually occupied European settlements in North America. It's a quaint little town full of character. Downtown historic St. Augustine has winding cobblestone streets dotted with old victorian … [Read more...]

Vegan-friendly dining out


I used to feel like I should wear a warning label. For times like these... Male suitor: Can I take you out to dinner? Me: Sure. As long as it's vegan-friendly. Male suitor: Huh? You serious?  See, a warning label would have come in handy, don't you think? In the dating world, individual tastes and preferences in food choices can be a difficult battle--especially when you are a plant-strong-green-juicing-vegan-food-lover like myself. But ever since I started following a healthier lifestyle I … [Read more...]

What I Ate Wednesday

What I Ate Wednesday

Time for another fabulous link party hosted by Jenn over @ Peas and Crayons. :) This week has been jammed pack full of vacation shenanigans but I've still had lots of yummy eats. Yes, some have been healthier than others (like all of the onion rings and bloody marys I stuffed myself with on Monday. Oyy!), but I am on vacation so I try to enjoy! But as I mentioned earlier, there are still some good ways to stay on track with healthy eating while you are on vacay. One of the best things for me is … [Read more...]

Eating healthy on vacation: a little indulgence is okay

Eating healthy on vacation: a little indulgence is okay

One of the most challenging things about vacation can be sticking to healthy eating habits. At least for me! But I also believe in enjoying special indulgences in moderation, and living in the moment sometimes, because one of life's greatest pleasures is good food. We all know that. Just this afternoon I enjoyed 2 spicy bloody marys the size of my face and shared a huge basket of french fries and onion rings as an afternoon snack with some friends, followed by a veggie burger the size of Lake … [Read more...]